NeuroFitness & Activities at Telos

Each campus creates opportunities to have fun and be active. Age-appropriate activities are key to wellness and thriving. Telos offers recreational outings, super-activities as-well-as therapy groups by a licensed recreation therapist, all campus driven. These are typically “fun” activities that have a powerful therapeutic benefit. On a more technical note, the NeuroFitness Team consists of several coaches who work closely with the Primary Therapists and associated treatment teams to build an individualized fitness program that is not only fun, but brings great benefits. See below the list of top results.

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Ages: 13-26
Gender: All
School: Sports for Telos High
Supervision: High to Medium (campus driven)
Supervision: High to Medium (campus driven)

  • All 10 high school sports (basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, etc)
  • PE Credit for High School is triathlon training
  • Museums / Fine Art
  • Community Events (plays, park concerts, holidays events, parades, etc)
  • Snow sports ( Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, etc)
  • River rafting
  • Recreation Therapy – Recreation with purpose around Treatment Team goals
  • Telos Discovery Space Center missions bi-weekly
  • Climbing / Repelling
  • Hikes
  • Camping
  • Triathlons
  • Advanced Triathlons
  • Telos High School field trip recreation (Timpanogos Mountain hikes, adventure parks, picnics, fine art trips, etc)
  • Senior House (High School sports – basketball, soccer, baseball, etc)
  • Telos Discovery Space Center missions bi-weekly
  • BBQ / fire pit
  • Museums
  • Community Events (plays, park concerts, holidays events, parades, etc)
  • Snow sports ( Skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, tubing, etc)
  • Hikes
  • Camping
  • Sports (Intramural)
  • Paintball

Cutting edge NeuroFitness is a Telos secret to success. Telos has provided this for years, yet didn’t have a formal name for it. Studies have shown over and over again, the need for sustained heart rates, at least 20-40 minutes per day. By doing this, dopamine storage and receptors increase in the brain and in turn increases focus, willpower and mood regulation. The typical Telos student avoids activities and sports because of bad experiences in the past. Telos coaches meet the students where they are at and help them find ways to enjoy new activities. NeuroFitness can be a lot of fun. It includes walking, hiking and even biking, award winning trails in the Rocky Mountains as well as other activities the students find entertaining. What sets this apart from other technical fitness activities is the direct communication the coaches have with the therapeutic treatment team. As the Primary Therapist works with their student they see firsthand the benefits and often counsel with coaches on next steps and benchmarks.

Key benefits include:

  • Therapeutically driven
  • Increased willpower
  • Better focus
  • Socially connected
  • Less depression
  • Combats addictions
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lowers anxiety

Telos wants to achieve as much normalcy as possible for students. A Telos student should never feel like they are in a hospital or institutional setting. To offer a full range and quality of life, Telos High offers 10 varsity sports for students to participate in or to cheer for on the sidelines. Certified by Utah High School Activities Association Telos High is a 1A school and competes with other 1A, 2A and sometimes 3A schools. Just like all schools, there is a participation and equipment fee associated if your student chooses to participate.

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