Life at Senior House

An exciting upgrade for young men, close to turning 18. Senior House provides an outstanding opportunity for students transitioning from youth programs but who are not quite ready for adult programs. It celebrates the older teen with age-appropriate roommates and activities while providing a support structure that keeps students on track. Campus life encourages independence and life choices that are healthy, like self-directed workouts in the private gym or fitness center, shopping for food and preparing a few meals a week. Senior House provides a higher structure, oversight and services for older teens who are not ready for full independence and still need help finishing high school. When students are ready they can move to less structured living at the Telos U apartments located on the same campus. The transition is easy and provides a clear-path to independent living that students can aspire to.


Ages: Early as 17.5
Gender: Male Only
School: High School
Supervision: High
Support: High

For young men close to turning 18, enrolling in a program can be a challenge. They want to be around age appropriate peers, yet may not be ready for the lower structure and services of an adult program.

A Telos Senior House apartment is a small, 8-bed team for young men, devoted specifically to students nearing 18. The Senior House is higher in structure, oversight, and services (much like our youth Academy campus), but has programming and activities specially suited to an older teen. Academics range between high school and early college.

A highlight of the Senior House is a student’s ability to transition to one of four lower levels of structure once they turn 18 (or sooner if ready). The ability to eventually move from Senior House to Telos U helps emerging adults “buy in” to the overall process, giving them something to work toward as they reach 18.

Senior House provides the ability to transition to lower levels of structure once they turn 18 (or sooner if ready).  The ability to eventually move from Senior House to Telos U helps emerging adults “buy in” to the overall process, giving them something to work toward as they reach 18.

The Senior House is distinctly different from our youth program. These differences are purposeful, as the Senior House is designed around an older teen who may be eventually transitioning to a young adult apartment at Telos U.

The clinical services at the Senior House include:

  • A full-time primary therapist
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions (minimum, 60 minutes)
  • Weekly family therapy sessions (minimum, 60 minutes)
  • Periodic Family Days which include live family therapy sessions, space missions, process groups and meetings with key team members
  • Bi-weekly space center simulations focusing on team building, leadership, culture and executive function training
  • Masters level clinician-led emotional safety groups, twice each week
  • Nightly student-led, staff-supported community groups
  • Weekend activity therapy

Life Coach services are reserved for students enrolled in a Telos U apartment, as the key role of a Life Coach is to assist students in college classes, employment, and independent living skills.

The graphic illustrates how the Senior House, our highest level of support, integrates into a natural progression of increasing freedom and responsibility.

Senior House

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Senior House highlights…

Located on a stunning new campus designed for older students, the Senior House is 1 of 8 apartments reserved for students 17.5 or older. The senior house  specialized services are for students still in high school. The activities, programming, and peers are age appropriate and fun for all personalities and interest levels.

Students are able to attend year-round classes at Telos High School right on campus and enjoy the perks of a full-sized gym, weight room and workout facilities. The high school’s speciality is low-stress, high-structure for optimal credit recovery and getting back on track for graduation. Can you say Prom? Each year  students attend prom and sweethearts and other activities that put the finishing touches on the high school experience.

Perfect for students who are a little too old for a youth program, but aren’t quite ready for the lower supervision and independence of a traditional young adult program. The beautiful part of the Senior House is students can quickly move to Telos U and enjoy more independence when able.

The Senior House is limited to 8 beds with private rooms and is part of a larger campus community so learned skills can be tested in a safe environment.

As students grow they are able to transition easily to one of the lower structured apartments. This gradual increase in freedom and responsibility honors a  maturing student and feels like a natural progression into adulthood.

Senior House is part of the Telos U campus. This normalized setting helps students see the bigger vision of completing high school and onto a job/career, college, tech or the trades. The apartments for Senior House are townhome style living with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and Utah Lake. Premium accommodations include 8 beds, (most are private rooms), with thoughtful appointments like deluxe front load washer and dryer, two stainless steel fridges and a spacious living room and kitchen full of light and stunning views of the surrounding valley. Each apartment is accented with bright colors, thoughtful art and 65” color TV. Kitchen includes giant walk-in pantry and expanded dining area that comfortably seats 10 people.

Amenities on campus for all students include access to full-sized gym, as well as, the weight and fitness area. In addition, the high school experience boasts a computer lab and small classrooms so students receive the individualized attention needed to succeed.  The building is specially designed so students have access to all therapist, leadership and teacher’s offices to help foster stronger relationships.

Academics range between high school and early college that is high structure and low pressure. Teachers focus on helping students catch up and finish high school requirements so what ever next steps are, they have a solid educational foundation. Because Telos High School is a certified 1A school, all credits earned will transfer.

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