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Donations will provide funding to youth needing professional treatment to become a greater strength to themselves, their families and their community.

Youth Champions Charity (YCC) began in 2007. It provides financial assistance to youth who can not afford professional residential treatment.

YCC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible.

The reality is not all families can afford or have access to mental health programs and residential treatment. YCC is the mechanism that allows children access to quality mental health services that can literally change their life. YCC partners with dozens of programs to accommodate all kinds of needs.

Charitable donations provide financial assistance through scholarships to youth needing residential treatment. Make a difference! Help youth achieve their ultimate potential by donating to Youth Champions Charity. Today.

Our Vision:  Help youth in crisis develop strong moral character and increase physical, mental, and emotional strength.

Our Mission:  Channel donor funds to assist with costs associated with the education or treatment of youth in need.

Our Promise:  To be ethical, consistent, and vigilant to donors, youth, and related residential treatment centers.

To donate or learn more about Youth Champions Charity, Please visit us at: youthchampionscharity.org


Telos High is a nonprofit 1A school that does not receive outside funding but relies wholly upon private gifts. Dozens of parents have donated to make the school facilities what they are today for your student. Like the amazing gym floor, wrestling mats and more. These are high value donations that have helped enormously. We have smaller needs as well like smart boards, projectors and computers.

We hope to count you as part of our giving family.