Project Description

Telos Discovery Space Center

Prepare for the Adventure

The Telos Discovery Space Center offers immersive space flight simulation adventures.  Students assume the role of the bridge crew of a futuristic starship and take on challenging missions that require teamwork, creativity and critical thinking.  Book a Flight!


Ages:  All
Gender: All
Supervision: High
Support: High
*Open to the general public

Why we offer our Space Center as part of Telos U…

The simulator becomes a very real “workout” for seven executive function skills. It also grows social, leadership, and team building skills.

Telos U students, as employees, can write missions, program simulations, and host space adventures for corporate and community groups

This simulator is designed to put a team of people through a fantasy space adventure. Participants find themselves executing various roles as the crew of a starship while battling aliens, rescuing castaways from distant planets, or problem solving how to divert enough energy from the engines to the defense shields. These simulations are fun, fast-paced, and exhausting.

Is Telos Right for You?

Telos has helped hundreds of families but may not be right for your family.
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