Telos Discovery Space Center

Prepare for the Adventure

The Telos Discovery Space Center offers immersive space flight simulation adventures.  Students assume the role of the bridge crew of a futuristic starship and take on challenging missions that require teamwork, creativity and critical thinking.  Book a Flight!


Ages:  All
Gender: All
Supervision: High
Support: High
*Open to the general public

Why we offer our Space Center as part of Telos…

The simulator becomes a “workout” for seven executive function skills. It also grows social, leadership, and team building skills.

Telos students can work behind the scenes as mission operations, actors, writing or programming missions or host space adventures for corporate and community groups

Missions are used to generate and explore opportunity. It is not to explore the universe as one might expect but rather to explore the student and how they respond to new and different ideas while immersed in a safe fictional adventure. Each mission develops interpersonal skills, executive function, emotional regulation skills, resilience, and problem solving skills. Families visiting have the opportunity to participate in missions with their son or daughter and build bonds of adventure together. These simulations are fun and fast-paced.

Is Telos Right for You?

Telos has helped hundreds of families but may not be right for your family.
You have options…we can help!