Therapy at Telos U

Therapists use the Telos therapeutic model delivering powerful results for a decade and a half.  Finding the right combination for each individual takes skill and execution at the highest clinical levels. Results speak for themselves as over 900 families have experienced Telos support and hope.


Ages: 18+
Gender: All
Days: As Assigned
Supervision: High-Medium
Support: High-Medium

Dedicated Primary Therapists

Therapists on both campuses don’t work alone, they are part of a larger clinical excellence model. Primary Therapists are the driving force behind all treatment. Students receive a Primary Therapist who is dedicated to their wellness. The therapist and student interact and engage a larger support team called the Treatment Team. This larger team has one job, which is to activate on behalf of the student’s wellness needs. This includes mentoring, day-to-day activities, school, advocating, life skills, etc. The important part of this model is the treatment team reports back to the therapist on activation points and progress, thus connecting the dots on the treatment cycle. With a decade and a half of success, this model creates a powerful individualized treatment plan that empowers students and creates life-long sustainability.

Those who know Telos understand the high standards we hold for our professionals. Telos U students benefit from a customized student plan that includes individual and group therapy, and can include:

  • Family therapy
  • Experiential/activity based therapy
  • Executive function coaching
  • Social skills coaching
  • Community based self help groups
  • A process addiction track for students overly dependent on technology or gaming

So much fun, you’ll  forget it’s building skills!

Our on-site space simulator is designed to put a team of people through a fantasy space adventure. Participants find themselves executing various roles as the crew of a starship while battling aliens, rescuing castaways from distant planets, or problem solving how to divert enough energy from the engines to the defense shields. These simulations are fun, fast-paced, and exhausting.

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Part of the Telos philosophy is the importance of family. We believe no student who passes through our program will be successful upon returning home if they returns to the same system from which they came. This means the entire family must change for the better.

Family Days provides opportunities for parents and siblings to experience a small taste of what their student experiences every day at Telos U. Family Days are a required part of treatment.

In a typical Family Days participants engage in support groups, trainings, face-to-face therapy, and other activities.

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Therapy at Telos U

Therapy at Telos U

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