[Student Post] Often when a student enters treatment, one of their first thoughts is “how will I continue my passions and hobbies in a treatment center?”

Those familiar with treatment centers like Telos know, of course, that students are encouraged to pursue hobbies and passions in healthy manners. Telos’ approach is if a student’s passion leads them to unhealthy habits, they are taught how to replace these habits with healthier options. The root cause of poor choices are rarely the hobby itself.,

The key term here is “root” – if a young woman or man likes music, for example and tries to pursue that by joining a band, with a few unsavory characters, it’s likely that they joined the band primarily because of loneliness and a desire to fit in. The music was simply a catalyst to finding that particular group of people.

Seek to understand “what’s really going on with this student, beneath the surface?“.