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Academic Advisor - Center St Campus

Crystal Marx

Being an Academic Advisor takes someone who can “think like a mom”. Keeping credits organized and the path clear to graduation is what Crystal excels at. Doing it for dozens of students is simply amazing. She is well organized and helps her students feel connected and on track.  Feeling included and part of a diverse campus is empowering. Crystal’s super power is  reaching out to the “one,” to help their talents shine through. 

Education:Bachelors, Exercise and Wellness, Minor in Nutrition-Brigham Young University

Specialty:Passionate about the "one"!

Math Teacher

Raenn Hansen

“If you just try and do your part, Ms Hansen will make up for the rest, and you will succeed.” -student

With over 30 Years in the industry Raenn has taught math at many educational levels including elementary education, high school and college. Each of her students know that she cares for them and they learn to depend on it. 

The power of one. This is evidenced everyday in Ms Hansens classroom.  She remarked, “I want the boys to learn math, of course, but even more I want them to know they can be everything they want to be. These boys just need someone to believe in them.”

Succeeding in school is not common among students until they come to Telos and meet teachers at Telos High like Ms Hansen who often have a full room during flex, not that they want more math but they know they are appreciated and loved.  

Education:Bachelors, Art Education-Brigham Young University

Specialty:Passionate about sharing love and confidence with struggling teens

Spanish, Consumer Economics, Math and Learning Center Teacher

Brigham Guertz

Inventor, yoga teacher, CrossFit trainer and Eagle Scout all packed into one amazing Telos Teacher. Brigham has a deep well of experience to draw on while teaching Consumer Economics, Math, Spanish and working in the Learning Center. He has a deep love of the subjects he teaches and aims to inspire a mutual love of learning with his students. Brigham’s goal is to help students return home as a strong, resilient individual who is happy with their family. He feels that building “happy endings”, begins with hard work and the support of kind and mentoring staff.

Education:BS Psychology, Minor Music - Brigham Young University

Certifications:ACTFL Language Certified - Brigham Young University

Years in Field:Eight years of service in mental health industry

Math and Science Teacher

Tina Moore

As a powerhouse of patience and empathy Ms Moore sees it going a long way as a teacher. Tina is a geek at heart and loves science and math. Her enthusiasm carries over to the classroom where her students learn to enjoy these topics as well.

With a lifetime of experience working with learning disabilities (especially ADHD and processing disorders) Tina relates easily with students who struggle to “get it”. Math and science are not easy sometimes.

Students learn in Ms Moore’s class about the world around them through science and math. They learn to succeed in school and problem solve because they learn how. Helping students understand how to work hard and do hard things is very rewarding to her.  The greatest successes are building relationships and establishing a good rapport with the students. 

Education:Studying at Utah Valley University

Specialty:Passionate about problem solving in real life, not just math

English Literature, Technical Writing Teacher

Sarah Bringhurst

Sarah has a professional wish for her students, which is to expose students to different ways of communicating and engaging with the world. This is no small goal and coupled with her witty humor and classroom theatrical skills her subjects come to life. Sarah also has a personal wish, and that is to see students feel loved and appreciated. Finding the ways to help students open up and be heard comes with methodical and quality class time. For example, last quarter Sarah painstakingly brought Macbeth to life in her class. Students read, understood and even asked to read their favorite character’s lines out loud. Being able to express ones self can come in therapy, art and last quarter it came through Macbeth a Shakespeare classic.

Education:BS English Literature, minor in Sociology

Specialty:Passionate helping students feel love and acceptance

Certifications:Technical writing and editing

Executive Function Administrator

Vicky Leah

Vicky is the “calm” in the storm. She loves working with students who have needs, including behavioral problems, processing, deaf, blind and has seen the life changing growth students achieve. A British born native and Executive Function whisperer for students needing assistance. A veteran of 10 years with Telos, she feels most rewarded when seeing students take the road toward growth and succeeding at it. Her super power is building relationships with others, coming up with creative ways to help individuals learn in ways that work best for them. Her end goal is for students to feel confident in what they do. Knowing that they really can do something they previously thought was impossible or too hard for them, and them learning that they are capable and can achieve whatever they put their mind to…and when it happens, it’s amazing!

Education:Studied at Utah State University, Special Ed

Specialty:Passionate about teens seeing the best in themselves

Education Director

Laurie Laird-Trandum

“Your love and care have been so much more than your job. You have been a part of our entire family. Our daughter is graduating!! A year ago that goal was just a prayer not an expectation. Without the love you gave, it would not have happened.”      -parent

With a tool belt filled with love and appreciation for her students and co-workers, it is easy to see why Laurie’s department thrives in nearly every way.  She brings 20 years in the industry to Telos and is kind of a big deal in the academic leadership circles. As the Education Director on the Geneva Campus, Laurie works with our students who are 18 and older, to find paths that promote launching academically. Her approach is enthusiastic and almost magical, as she helps students see a vision that takes them beyond treatment and begins building a life that is sustainable and rewarding. Laurie is quick to see the baby steps of improvement and passionately celebrates all movement forward for her students. She loves her students and it shows in her lively interactions and smiles in the hallways.

Education / Endorsements:BS in Secondary Ed (Family and Consumer Science, Endorsements in Math and Biology), Masters in Educational Counseling - University of Phoenix, Special Education Certification - University of Phoenix, License in School Administration - Southern Utah University

Passion:Building connections with students and parents. Looking at the bigger picture of success.

Academic Director

Kevin Kuykendall

“Kevin has a vision of academic excellence for the high school that surpasses what we have seen anywhere else. He has created a special setting of perfectly balanced support and challenge. My son is the happiest and hardest working he has ever been.” -parent

A Seattle, Washington native with a zest for life and family. It doesn’t take long being with Kevin before you realize he believes in what he does and brings a spice that students gravitate to. He instills confidence in Telos because he has seen first hand the successes that come to family and students. Kevin endorses the treatment plan in all the schooling aspects which is what makes the therapeutic integration with the high school experience, so successful. Kevin is passionate about the Titans. He can always be found in the school hallways laughing and mentoring students. With over 20 years in the public school system and now with Telos, the Titans have experienced structure, recognition, championships and the 1A school classification under Kevin’s leadership. Telos maintains 10 varsity sports and the students thrive because of it. He loves working with families and has not only done so at Telos but also as a former junior high principal and hearing officer. Academically accomplished, BS in Spanish Teaching, Minor in Coaching. Masters, Educational Administration, University of Utah.  He is living the dream!

Education:BS Spanish Teaching, Masters, Educational Administration - University of Utah

Passion:Loves opening educational doors for students

Licenses /Endorsements :Special Education, Coaching and ESL

Lead Academic Advisor

Austin Stevenson

Austin is passionate about football coaching and there is one thing he brings from the gridiron to the classroom is teamwork. He is all-in when it comes to mentoring students and helping them find ways to excel in the classroom where often before Telos they did not. Austin’s overarching goal is to help encourage and create well rounded students who can fulfill their personal and academic goals. He does this by building strong healthy relationships that allow for genuine dialogue and healthy expectations for personal growth.

Education:BS Behavioral Science, emphasis Psychology - Utah Valley University

Mindfulness, History, Film Teacher

Haven Gross

Haven has in worked almost every part of the mental health industry, including wilderness, respite care, running support groups and teaching. Unique to her resume are 33 years teaching Civics, Mindfulness, World History, Film and more. She is a powerhouse for learning and like all our teachers lay out the curriculum so students can absorb and process it. Haven is passionate about students learning the difference of whether they are part of the solution or part of the problem of what is happening around them. What make Haven unique is her experience with residential care, both as a parent and a teacher. She recalls that putting her child into care was one of the greatest learning curves she has experienced. She is always willing to share with a parent her story.

Education:BA Human Development / Social Work, Certified Holistic Health teacher

Expertise:Building students and helping them see self improvement

Passion:Seeing students learning and utilizing the tools taught and gaining self awareness

US History, US Government, English Teacher

Kerry Downs

“I know that Kerry expects my very best. Because I know he cares about me, I try to give him that each day.” -Student

From the cheers of students at assemblies you would think Mr Downs is a rock star. Well he kinda is. Kerry teaches English, US History, and US Government at Telos High School. His students love him for so many reasons. His entertaining teaching style coupled with passionate classroom discussion is just the beginning. His no nonsense approach combined with high behavioral expectations is a calming environment. The most important part to his success and popularity is students have a firm understanding that he deeply cares about each of them. His role at Telos is far more than a teacher, it is a mentor and a friend, molding these young men into strong contributors who know they are loved. His passion for teens began years ago as a dad of six strapping boys of his own.

Education:BA English / History Teaching -Brigham Young University

Expertise:Avid about helping teens find hope through kind and gentle friendships

English Teacher

Irene Bolter

“Irene’s teaching method is unique and enjoyable. She is constantly happy and accommodating. She teaches us as if we are her own kids, truly striving to make us the best we can possibly be.” -Student

Irene began her pursuit of teaching in college and quickly finished with a Bachelors in English from Brigham Young University. Not ready to be done, she persisted more and received her English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement from Weber State. Teaching junior high English for six years for Ogden City School District sparked her passion for helping children in need and eventually accepted a role at Telos. Our students are not all as excited about English as Irene but they love her kind approach and low stress classroom.

Education:BA English-Weber State University

Expertise:Loves helping teens and young adults succeed

Academic Advisor

Chalese Johnson

Chalese’s warm and kind approach to mentoring pays huge when students realize she will be there for them even if they fail. Helping students become the best version of themselves is her super power! Her passion comes from seeing students succeed after the humble beginnings at Telos to the strong confidence student they become when they leave. Her journey with each student is different but she loves the process as they grow and build their own future.

Education:Bachelors Behavioral Science, emphasis in Psychology - Utah Valley University

Specialty:Loves helping students become the best version of themselves.

Weekly Training

All Telos staff are trained weekly on our Ten Pillars, the principles and practices we use to accomplish our mission.    The Ten Pillars are the core of our being as a team. They guide our decisions making and are the measuring stick by which we assess our own progress.