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Athletic Director

Trevor Iosefa

“Trevor told me the world has enough great athletes.  The world needs more great people.” -Student

Trevor is a long-time veteran of Telos.  He has spent years helping students in the residential department reach their ultimate potential.  He excels at inspiring students and helping them find the best lessons that can be learned from athletics.

Specialty:Team Dynamics and Culture

History Teacher

Stacey Medley

Your class is the first class where I’ve actually done well at school. Thank you for being so patient and loving!”  -student

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. During school, I worked as a residential staff in several different RTCs.  After working for years as a staff and supervisor, I became the Residential Director of another local program. In that role, I became more familiar with how to help struggling teens heal and grow in a positive and healthy environment. I have years of experience working in RTCs, and I’ve loved every moment. After deciding to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education, I was hired at a therapeutic boarding school as a Social Studies Teacher.  I love the challenge of working with youth and finding a way to help them succeed in school where they may not have been able to in the past. Outside of Telos I love to read, hike, camp, and spend time with my family.

Education:Undergrad: Brigham Young University; Graduate: Colorado State University Global

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Heath Bigelow

“Heath Bigelow is one of the good ones.  He truly cares about his students and it shows in every interaction.”  -team member

Heath’s biggest strength is his relatability. He excels at forming relationships and strives to be appropriately invested in the lives of his students.  As an instructor, his end goal is to help students feel like knowledge is worth the time it takes to gain it.  Heath has a special ability to reach the “difficult to engage” student.  We are lucky to have Heath on our team of all-star academic professionals.

PE Head Coach and Neurofitness Director: Center St Campus

Shaun Christian

“Shaun understands the link between my fitness and my mental health.” – student

Shaun is an original Telos man.  He has been with the program since 2004 and takes great pride in the hundreds of lives he has improved through his fitness-based leadership and compassionate coaching.  Shaun works with our Elite Team–the students who want to put in the extra effort and miles.  He also is the bridge between the treatment professionals and the neurofitness program.

Specialty:Founder of T3 Endurance

Education:UVU, Fire Science

PE Coach- Center St Campus

Kodi Kleven

I want to improve. I want to build my strength and experience consistently. I’ve worked at a variety of jobs—but am currently a floor manager at Runners Corner. I love seeing how the ownership of personal responsibilities builds and strengthens the empowerment between the employee and customer.

Kodi Kleven – PE Coach, Center Street campus

Education:Full-ride Athletic scholarship BYU  while competing for BYU Women's Cross-Country/Track team

PE Head Coach- Center St Campus

Chris Davison

“Chris is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to fitness. He’ll motivate you not only through his words, but his example.” – Client

Chris has been in love with fitness from a young age. He has a vast background in swimming, biking, running, and a variety of sports. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a group cycling coach for the award-winning Provo Recreation Center. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science from BYU, he went on to work for the Emmy Award-nominated company iFit where he helped design workouts for over 1,000,000+ users on their home gym platform. Outside of work you’ll find Chris working on growing his sporting events-based business Radial Races as well as camping, mountain biking, skiing, etc. throughout the year. Chris is excited to help the young men at Telos find their ultimate potential, especially when it comes to fitness.

Specialty:NASM CPT

Education:BYU, Exercise Science

Associate Academic Director

Curtis Gardner

“Curtis has spent countless effort and time in helping our son apply for college. In the end, we were delighted when our son got his acceptance letter to the Berklee School of Music! Curtis was excellent at working with our son, and helping him accomplish this important life goal!” -Parent

Student school schedules and graduation requirements are what keeps Curtis focused. He is an ardent believer in succeeding in school and paves a runway for Telos U students still finishing high school. The senior year can be tricky with many students having schooled in several locations and academies so Curtis and his staff stay vigilant. His passion for student success is evident in his zeal to help them succeed. They work behind the scenes so parents and students enjoy a normalized school experience like prom, yearbook and other traditional school activities in addition to classes.

Education:A.A. in Psychology - Eastern Arizona College, B.S. in Social Studies Education - Brigham Young University, M.Ed. in Psychology - Utah State University

Expertise:Passionate about students succeeding in school

Academic Advisor - Center St Campus

Kelley Kessen

Kelley is highly relational and connects well with all.  Her positive outlook is contagious and her smile warms all situations.  She is exceptionally organized, is a systems thinker, and has great follow-through.  Her heart is in the game 100% of the time.  I love and appreciate working with Kelley on a daily basis and I appreciate all she brings to our families, students, and our team as a whole.  Thank you, Kelley, for choosing Telos – you are a gift to us. -team member

Education:Brigham Young University, BS in Psychology

Science Teacher

Jake Jensen

Mr. Jensen is both the coolest and nerdiest teacher I’ve ever had. -Student

Jake Jensen loves everything science. Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. When he isn’t teaching he loves playing games. “The hobby I spend the most time on is trading card games, and I love playing just about every type of game you can think of. I love the things you can learn about people by playing games, the community and camaraderie you can build through them, and I also don’t mind the fun mental or physical exercise/puzzle that comes with playing them.” Jake excels at “seeing” individual students vs seeing “the class.”  

Education:BYU: BS in Physics-Astronomy, Minor in Statistics, Certification in Physics Teaching

Specialty:Passionate about sharing love and confidence with struggling teens

PE Coach and Consumer Economics Teacher: Geneva Campus

Austin Stevenson

“Austin is the most astoundingly positive person I know. He always has a smile on his face..” -student

I have had the privilege to work with the fantastic students at Telos for the past five years. Working in both residential and Academic departments at Telos, I have gained helpful perspectives on our student’s lives and how we can contribute to their overall well-being. My experience at Telos has helped me make meaningful relationships with our wide range of students, allowing for an even greater depth of healing and connection. I also am passionate about those who feel like an “underdog.” Telos has been a great platform to allow me to help those students succeed. During my time outside of work, I can be found coaching high school varsity football/other athletics, outdoor recreation, and surrounding myself with good company.

Education:Bachelors in Psychology, Minor Degree in Community Health, and Associates Teaching License from Utah Board of Education: Utah Valley University

History and Art Teacher: Geneva Campus

Richard McOmber

“You are very patient.” -pretty much everyone

My past experience is in Technical Writing and Editing, back from the heady days of WordPerfect where I started as an International Documentation Editor.  I also taught at Utah Valley Community College for over ten years and watched it grow into Utah Valley University.  I have taught at a small, public high school as well.  I’m married with a son and a daughter, both of whom have young children.  I like spending free time with my King Shepherd dog and my motorcycle.

Education:MA (2) w/ graduate TESOL certification: Brigham Young, Utah State, and Idaho State Universities

Math and Science Teacher

Tina Moore

As a powerhouse of patience and empathy, Ms. Moore exemplifies the best qualities of a gifted teacher. Tina is a geek at heart and loves science and math. Her enthusiasm carries over to the classroom, where her students also learn to enjoy these topics.

With a lifetime of experience working with learning disabilities (especially ADHD and processing disorders), Tina relates easily with students who struggle to “get it.” Math and science are not easy.

In Ms. Moore’s class, students learn about the world around them through science and math. They learn how to succeed in school and problem-solve, skills that carry over to success outside the classroom.  Tina’s top priorities are building relationships and establishing rapport with each student. 

Education:Studying at Utah Valley University

Specialty:Passionate about problem solving in real life, not just math

Education Director

Laurie Laird-Trandum

“Your love and care have been so much more than your job. You have been a part of our entire family. Our daughter is graduating!! A year ago that goal was just a prayer not an expectation. Without the love you gave, it would not have happened.”      -parent

With a tool belt filled with love and appreciation for her students and co-workers, it is easy to see why Laurie’s department thrives in nearly every way.  She brings 20 years in the industry to Telos and is kind of a big deal in the academic leadership circles. As the Education Director on the Geneva Campus, Laurie works with our students who are 18 and older, to find paths that promote launching academically. Her approach is enthusiastic and almost magical, as she helps students see a vision that takes them beyond treatment and begins building a life that is sustainable and rewarding. Laurie is quick to see the baby steps of improvement and passionately celebrates all movement forward for her students. She loves her students and it shows in her lively interactions and smiles in the hallways.

Education / Endorsements:BS in Secondary Ed (Family and Consumer Science, Endorsements in Math and Biology), Masters in Educational Counseling - University of Phoenix, Special Education Certification - University of Phoenix, License in School Administration - Southern Utah University

Passion:Building connections with students and parents. Looking at the bigger picture of success.

Academic Director

Kevin Kuykendall

“Kevin has a vision of academic excellence for the high school that surpasses what we have seen anywhere else. He has created a special setting of perfectly balanced support and challenge. My son is the happiest and hardest working he has ever been.” -parent

A Seattle, Washington native with a zest for life and family. It doesn’t take long being with Kevin before you realize he believes in what he does and brings a spice that students gravitate to. He instills confidence in Telos because he has seen first hand the successes that come to family and students. Kevin endorses the treatment plan in all the schooling aspects which is what makes the therapeutic integration with the high school experience, so successful. Kevin is passionate about the Titans. He can always be found in the school hallways laughing and mentoring students. With over 20 years in the public school system and now with Telos, the Titans have experienced structure, recognition, championships and the 1A school classification under Kevin’s leadership. Telos maintains 10 varsity sports and the students thrive because of it. He loves working with families and has not only done so at Telos but also as a former junior high principal and hearing officer. Academically accomplished, BS in Spanish Teaching, Minor in Coaching. Masters, Educational Administration, University of Utah.  He is living the dream!

Education:BS Spanish Teaching, Masters, Educational Administration - University of Utah

Passion:Loves opening educational doors for students

Licenses /Endorsements :Special Education, Coaching and ESL

Math Teacher: Center Street Campus

Jacob Judd

“You always seem to understand things so fast, and then you can explain them to me in a way I understand. ” -Student

Jacob Judd is from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Brigham Young University. His love for math began with Lee University’s “Mentoring Mathematics in the Making” program, where he was exposed to advanced mathematics research at age 14. When he’s not doing math, he loves reading, hiking, and expanding his video game collection.

Education:BS in Mathematics from BYU

Specialty:Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus

Art Teacher: Center Street Campus

Chase Henson

“Chase has the perfect combination of artisit skill and therapeutic technique.” 

Chase grew up in Utah and started his career in the treatment and therapy field in 2008 as a caregiver for the mentally disabled. During that time, he studied Art at UVU in the BFA Illustration program until 2016.  He started his journey at Telos in 2018 as a staff and Campus Supervisor on the Geneva campus. He has experience teaching people from all walks of life. He has taught various workshops, and private lessons and is well versed in painting, drawing, photography, and many other mediums. He is now the Art teacher at the Center Street campus and is very excited to bring his skills and experience to help the students discover and develop their creative skills that they can carry with them after they graduate. Chase is a drummer in a rock band, and he is currently working on his mythological art book and board game called The Book of Olith.

Education:BFA Art-Utah Valley University

Academic Advisor

Chalese Petitta

Chalese’s warm and kind approach to mentoring pays huge when students realize she will be there for them even if they fail. Helping students become the best version of themselves is her super power! Her passion comes from seeing students succeed after the humble beginnings at Telos to the strong confidence student they become when they leave. Her journey with each student is different but she loves the process as they grow and build their own future.

Education:Bachelors Behavioral Science, emphasis in Psychology - Utah Valley University

Specialty:Loves helping students become the best version of themselves.

Weekly Training

All Telos staff are trained weekly on our Ten Pillars, the principles and practices we use to accomplish our mission.    The Ten Pillars are the core of our being as a team. They guide our decisions making and are the measuring stick by which we assess our own progress.