Geneva – Residential Treatment Center (Coming Soon)

The Geneva Difference

Geneva is a unique and intimate residential program catering exclusively to adolescent boys aged 14 to 17. With a limited capacity of 14 beds, we offer unparalleled individualized care and attention. Geneva is specially designed for students who have faced challenges in other treatment settings and are in need of a structured, secure, and supportive environment to foster their growth and healing.

At Geneva, our mission is to empower adolescent boys who have faced adversity in their mental health journeys. We aspire to help them rebuild their lives, cultivate resilience, and emerge as confident individuals ready to face the future with optimism and purpose.


Ages: 14-18
Gender: Male
School: High School
Supervision: High-Medium
Support: High-Medium

We aim to conduct thorough and precise assessments to identify each adolescent participant’s unique mental health needs. This process ensures tailored aftercare services can be designed for continued growth after Vineyard.

We understand that some adolescents require a different level of care due to their unique struggles and past treatment experiences. Geneva’s specialized support is tailored to meet these specific needs.

Our program offers a safe and secure setting where adolescents can rebuild trust, develop coping strategies, and work towards their mental health goals without fear or distraction.

Geneva recognizes that lasting change often requires time and consistency. We are committed to providing a long-term residential program that allows residents to progress at their own pace while receiving ongoing support.

We strongly emphasize education and provide opportunities for academic growth, ensuring our residents can reintegrate successfully into educational settings.

Geneva encourages family involvement and offers family therapy and support to strengthen relationships and create a supportive network for our residents.

Admissions Criteria

Adolescent males 13-17 with: 

1. Unclear diagnosis
2. Prior failed placements
3. Behavioral outbursts
4. Past psychosis
5. Self-injury
6. Depression
7. Somatic complaints
8. OCD and other Anxiety Disorders
9. SUD with co-occurring disorders
10. Neurodiversity
11. Need for medication reevaluation

Yellow Flags (possible admission)

1. Reactive/impulsive aggression
2. Multiple suicide attempts
3. Sexually reactive behaviors

Red Flags (exclusionary)

1. Premeditated/calculated aggression
2. Gang involvement
3. Adjudicated multiple times
4. Ward of the State
5. Actively suicidal
6. Sexual perpetrator

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