Executive Director, Geneva Campus

Scott Downs

“I’ve had many therapists. Scott is the only one I couldn’t control or push away. I’ll always be grateful for his influence in my life.” -student

If you are considering residential care for your young adult, consider that all great results comes down to a culture of excellence that begins with leadership. Scott is that leader. An outstanding steward of parental trust and reliability. Your children will be treated like his children and you will find that Telos is everything you hoped it would be because of Scott and his team. Scott runs a premium program for young adults (over 18) that is considered the best in the industry by many. As Executive Director his highly trained and certified team, use proven, clinically-sophisticated modalities to deliver astounding, even life-changing results for students and families.  With nearly a decade of clinical experience he and his team are well positioned to give students an experience that will be a turning point in their lives. Scott is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with families and teens professionally, he knows well, parent-teen conflict, he treats cognitive restructuring and has spent years unraveling oppositional defiant teens and young adults to name a few. Scott’s team at Telos U has one goal, and that is to give the best individualized answers to emotional hurdles and then enable a launch into adulthood with a principle-based life, characterized by insightful choices.

Education:BS in Psychology Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy

Passion:Excellence at every level of individual treatment

Clinical Expertise:Parent-Teen Conflict, Oppositional Defiance, Cognitive Restructuring and more

Clinical Director - Geneva Campus

Trevor Earl, PhD

“Trevor was able to see our child differently than any prior therapist had and those insights allowed him to offer successful alternative styles of treatment that had never before been presented.”  -parent

Trevor brings over a decade of experience in residential treatment, beginning as a residential staffer and working into the role of a therapist upon graduation. Prior to Telos, Trevor published research on Best Practices in Residential Therapeutic Settings and evangelizes those principles, benefiting students and staff at Telos and currently is an adjunct professor in a Mental Health Counseling, Masters Program at Westminster College.

Working with clients under numerous challenges from anxiety/depression to trauma and oppositional-defiance, Trevor’s strengths lie in his clinical excellence and as the Clinical Director at Telos U brings a wealth of knowledge and an engaged leader, with the ability to clinically move the mission of Telos forward. Trevor’s passion for youth is evident in his academic rigor and professional accomplishments that benefit youth.

Education:PhD-Oregon State University, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Specialty:Passionate about helping his team deliver the highest level of care

Clinical Expertise:Experiential, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, EMDR, Psychodynamic Approaches, Value Based, Cognitive-Behavioral

Outreach Director, Co-Founder

Tony Hansen

“Tony teaches us that no one is too important to serve. When I see him watering the plants, mowing the grass, and attending to more menial tasks, I am reminded that Telos is more about service than position.” -staff

Tony is a California native with a big heart. His love for helping young men and their families find unity as they work toward achieving their potential, began years earlier in the struggles, relationships, and mentorship Tony experienced in his youth. This desire to serve led Tony to the world of mental health services, studying at Brigham Young University. He went on to get a Master’s Degree at the University of Utah in Educational Psychology. After five years as a therapist in both wilderness and residential settings, Tony recognized a need for a school founded on relationships and individualized treatment. From this, Telos was born. This passion to help Telos continuously improve while keeping it focused on the founding principles has served Tony, Telos, and countless families over the last 15 years.

Education:Masters, Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC, M.Ed)

Passion:Healthy living, nature and positive lifestyle

COO, Co-Founder

Tony Mosier

“Tony has the unique ability to see past surface complexities to the heart of an issue. With professionalism, kindness, expertise, and great wisdom he approaches all aspects of his work at Telos. He saved my son’s life, and the organization he helps lead has saved hundreds of others.” -parent

Tony loves working with youth. By helping them reach their personal best, he reaches his. Achieving his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University Tony immediately felt he had something to give back. Telos became a reality in 2004 because of Tony’s (and partners) vision to build a program that would be a place that heals and re-builds families by offering a clinically-advanced approach to solving mental health needs. Tony has invested his entire career of 20 years working with youth and young adults of all ages and needs. In addition, Tony oversees the operations on all campuses and all services Telos offers. This is no small task, as the program demands individualized treatment. As a practicing therapist he has built and continues to build a therapeutic rigor that is second-to-none.

When not with his students he can be found developing system programming, overseeing quality improvement, or building innovative solutions. In addition Tony has accepted the nomination to serve as the NATSAP President (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) for the next 2 years.

Education:BYU Undergraduate, USU Masters Graduate

Passion:Helping youth and young adults

Affiliations:President of NATSAP

CEO, Co-Founder

Craig LaMont

“At the last Family Days triathlon my son was the last racer out of the water. I was standing on the dock and could see him slowly swimming in. As he got closer I could see someone swimming alongside him. To my surprise, Craig LaMont was in the water with Dan encouraging and coaching him along. It struck me–this is an amazing place filled with amazing people. The CEO of the company is in a wetsuit, in a lake, personally attending to my boy. Nowhere but Telos.” -parent

Craig is passionate about life. He shares that passion with his family, friends, students and staff. Often Craig is heard in the halls of Telos humming a tune and at times singing out for all to hear.  Craig loves Telos. As a co-founder, there is nothing he won’t do to help make a student’s stay the very best experience possible. In addition his full-throttle approach to life also includes other interests like coaching youth athletics, board service, church service, community service, and outdoor sports.  Craig has founded, owned and operated a number of residential treatment centers and is known in the industry as a premier authority in consulting circles. Craig is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has worked in and studied the mental health practices since 1990. Graduate degree is a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Brigham Young University.  Craig is passionate about serving teens and families and has dedicated his professional and volunteer time to that end.

Education:Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy

Passion:A dedicated passion to build a premium option for youth that really works

Human Resources Director

Chris Rogers

“Chris brings the perfect mixture of humanity and professionalism to Telos.” -staff

A native of Oxford, England and enthusiastic about family. As a result, Chris sees the value in having a program that families can trust their children to. He is a fervent advocate of training and legal excellence. His second love besides his family is law and has built a thriving career around it. He has served with the esteemed law firm, Hepworth Murray & Associates, his practice included wholesale finance, securities, investment banking, and mortgage banking industries. Christopher is also credentialed and certified in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance to name a few.

Christopher has a softer side as well. He directs a large HR department caring for 300+ employees. He thrives on helping kids. Telos has opened opportunities that has expanded him both professionally and personally.

Academically accomplished with Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and a BS in Business Management from Brigham Young University, Marriott School of Management.

Education:BS Business Management - Brigham Young University, Juris Doctor - University of Denver

Passion:Driven for business excellence and compliance for best family experience

Medical Director

Dr James Palmer, DO

“My son came to Telos having tried nearly every therapy and medication known to man. We had tried so many interventions, the waters were muddied as to what was effective and what wasn’t. Dr. Palmer took a careful and conservative approach to understanding my son’s psychiatric needs. He worked closely with the other professionals at Telos to simplify and streamline the medicines until we had a clear picture of what was needed.” – parent

Dr James Palmer brings a substantial background in mental health for teens and young adults that Telos thrives on. His passion for helping kids is evident in his attention to detail and outcomes.  Each student brings a unique blend of hopes, fears and needs and Dr Palmer spends the needed time with each student to help stabilize and support each need.The Telos vision asserts that “diagnostic precision” is a key objective in each student’s treatment. Dr. Palmer takes a conservative stance regarding diagnoses and patiently works toward a deep and comprehensive understanding of what each student is dealing with.

Education:Medical School - Des Moines University, DO / General Psychiatry Residency - Maricopa Integrated Health System / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship - Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

Passion:Clinical excellence, diagnostic precision and understanding each student’s needs

Certifications:American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certified

Primary Therapist- Geneva Campus

Ian MacGregor

“My son has been working with different therapists for as long as I can remember. You’re the first one I have seen him bond with and actually look forward to coming to sessions with!” -Parent

Ian was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania where he learned to love adventure, the outdoors, playing sports, riding bikes, swimming, hiking, camping, and skiing. He has continued to work, study and travel, sometimes all at the same time. From the east coast to Mexico, Ian has enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors while working in the Mental Health field. He received his Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lock Haven University. An advocate for diversity, Ian values cultural competence in his therapeutic work.  He uses a strengths-based approach to help young people unlock hidden abilities, enabling them to find deeper happiness in life.

Education:Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lock Haven University 

Credentials:ACMHC, NCC

Modalities:Client-Centered Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Multicultural Counseling, Strengths-Based Approaches

Primary Therapist- Geneva Campus

Wade Taylor

Our son has never opened up and worked with us the way he has in our sessions with Wade. He has given us hope we can have a happy home life together” – Parent

Wade comes to Telos with a long history of helping youth and families.  A devoted healing professional, he has worked in the residential treatment profession for over 20 years. Wade is uniquely qualified to work with teens and young adults who struggle with processing issues and complex clinical profiles. His kind and focused attention gives students an opportunity to share, be heard, and learn, so they can progress and effectively advocate for themselves. Having worked with hundreds of students over the years, he is keenly aware of the need to look at each student holistically–understanding the impact of brain chemistry, brain wiring, learned behaviors, trauma, addictions, identity, and personality. When asked what is the most rewarding part of his job, Wade says, “seeing clients go from hopeless and disconnected from their support system to connected and full of hope.”

Education:Master of Science, Utah State University, Family and Human Development

Credentials:Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Modalities:CBT, DBT, Solution-focused, EMDR, TF-CBT, EFT, Motivational Interviewing

Learning Center Supervisor

Michael Dawson

“Your actions speak louder than words, I can tell that you truly care about my son.” -parent

Michael has spent several years working in the mental health field.  Starting as a crisis counselor he moved onto positions within schools and programs both public and private.  In recent years Michael has maintained a special focus on academic services.  He has taught 3D Printing, UAV, and Outdoor Leadership.  

Education:Sociology, USU

Telos DEI Consultant

Dr. Sonyja Richardson

“Dr. Richardson has helped us have eyes to see our organization through the lens of equity. She has made a good program better.”


Dr. Richardson is Founder and Director of the Mental Health Research and Practice Lab which is housed in the Urban Education Collaborative in the College of Education. This research lab partners with community leaders, thought leaders, and researchers across the country to develop cutting-edge innovative solutions for addressing mental health disparities and mental health needs for diverse populations. Additionally, Dr. Richardson was appointed as Interim Director of the Race and Social Equity Academy (RASE). This academy fosters the scholarship of practice and research focused on advancing racial and social parities within the community. Along with empirical scholarship, race dialogue will be supported through intellectual discourse, bringing together thought leaders in our community representing a variety of perspectives on race and social equity matters.

Recently, Dr. Richardson was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to serve on the Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force. In this role serves on the Education Subcommittee and offers recommendations to the Governor’s Office for addressing needs of diverse residents and communities in the state. She previously served a three-year term with the National Institutes of Mental Health, Adult Mental Health Interventions Subcommittee as a Public Reviewer. In addition to teaching, Dr. Richardson is the Owner of Another Level Counseling and Consultation located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Richardson currently serves as a Delegate for the National Association of Social Workers North Carolina Chapter and was appointed by the National President to the Private Practice Specialty Subcommittee to provide expertise and guidance to private practitioners nationally.

Education: PhD, MSW, LCSW. Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She possesses a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Urban Education specialization at UNC Charlotte, a Master's degree in Social Work (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of North Carolina Charlotte).

Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Javier Celestino

Javier gave us so much hope for change. We could tell that he was genuinely on our side and cared about us as a family.” – Parents

With a passion for youth and mental health, Javier is focused on connecting with his students quickly. They soon feel they belong to the Telos Family, from the warm friendly relationships that thrive at Telos. Javier has a strong commitment to “belonging”. He comes from a blended family and has experienced death of family members. His life experiences help him mentor his students toward a healthy space in the face of adversity. Javier believes in the direct path of honesty and stands by his students every step of the way. Growth and healing is a powerful result of love and honesty.

Clinical Expertise:Experiential, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness

Education:Bachelors of Family Life - Brigham Young University; Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy - Brigham Young University

Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Carrie Graham

“I’ve had a lot of therapists in my life, but you’re the first one I really connected with.  I feel like you got me.  I was able to open up to you more than I have with any other therapist, and I was finally able to progress more than I ever have before.”       – student

Carrie has spent over a decade in the mental health field.  She spent the beginning of her counseling career in the nonprofit world in a community treatment organization that works with underserved populations.  There she gained experience in counseling individuals and families struggling with addiction, trauma, homelessness, foster care, and other stressful life events.  Before entering the residential treatment world, she worked as the director for the largest homeless outreach program in the state of Utah.  Before joining Telos, Carrie worked in residential treatment with neurodivergent students and their families; she focused on providing counseling with an attachment-focused and trauma-informed lens to help her clients and their families develop interpersonal connections and intrapersonal skills needed to lead healthy and balanced lives.  Carrie loves using humor, interpersonal process, and empathy with her clients.

Outside of work, Carrie is currently in school and pursuing her PhD in counselor education and supervision.  In her free time, she loves spending time outside hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and bird watching.  When indoors, she loves reading novels, watching cheesy television, and spending time with her loved ones and many pets.

Clinical Expertise:Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal Process, DBT, Systemic Family Therapy

Education:CMHC, Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Westminster College

Recreation Coordinator: Geneva Campus

Michael Santos

“I’ve had a lot of therapists in my life, but you’re the first one I really connected with.  I feel like you got me.  I was able to open up to you more than I have with any other therapist, and I was finally able to progress more than I ever have before.”       – student

Michael was recruited by the Boy Scouts of America to develop and direct rock climbing and rappelling programs for their camps for 3 years. He then worked at Elements Wilderness Program as a field staff before transitioning to Telos. Michael is an EMT, is a Wilderness First Responder, and has finished the Single Pitch Instructor course through the American Mountain Guide Association. Michael is trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and  7 Challenges Drug Abuse Counseling. Outside of Telos he enjoys many of the same activities he facilitates, including backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing, canyoneering, flyfishing, paddle-boarding, skiing, and whitewater rafting. 

Educatio:Snow College, Associates of Science in Biology, Bachelors of Science in Nursing in progress

Student Living Director-Geneva Campus

Scottie Wilson

Scottie is one of the deepest contributors for the work we do at Telos. He is quick to come up with solutions to vexing problems and arrange his efforts to build those around him. We are lucky to have him on our team.”  – staff

Scottie is a powerhouse at the Geneva Campus. He is a strong advocate for student success. With a thoughtful and caring approach Scottie and the Student Living Team put their hearts and souls into students. Working day (and often night) for the well being of each student, Scottie keeps the campus intact and promotes a positive environment.

Scottie comes to Telos having worked with youth for more than eight years as a residential mentor and lead supervisor. He has a great passion for being active physically and mentally and encourages students to do the same.

Education:Studying at UVU

Specialty:Creation and implementation of systems, providing training and oversight for the Student Living Team and maintaining an emotionally safe staff and student environment.

Primary Therapist, ED Telos Discovery Space Ctr

Dr Ryan Anderson, PhD

We were beginning to run out of hope, when we met Ryan. He seemed to grasp what was going on with our son so quickly, and he found a way to connect that worked through his resistance. He always seemed to have hope, vision, and a path forward, even at our darkest times. He was so helpful to us as parents, too. We still can’t believe we were lucky enough to get to work with Ryan!   -parent

Dr. Anderson is a pioneer in experiential and immersion therapy. He operates a therapeutic starship, of all things and his passion and love for student’s success bursts through somewhere above earth and before you reach the wormhole. The many modalities he orchestrates all come together for students and families to learn insights and skills like family communication, executive function, problem solving, and others. Ryan and his team are experts at opening therapeutic doors through roleplay and group dynamics that feels like play. These rich insights from an out-of-the-box approach applies grounded therapeutic modalities that create “aha moments” for the healing process.

Education:Ph.D. LMFT, MedFT, BS in Marriage, Family and Human Development, Brigham Young University, Ph.D. in Medical Family Therapy, East Carolina University

Passion:Passionate about students learning to capitalize on strengths and embrace the supports needed to live a sustainable life filled with meaning, connections, and direction

Noteworthy:10 publications, including two books

Primary Therapist, Director Research, Chief Quality Officer

John Hall

“John Hall far exceeds our expectations and stands head and shoulders above the many in his profession that we have worked with. John quickly gained our son’s respect, which was in itself, amazing. John’s ability to relate to our son has been one of the major keys to our son’s success.” – parent

Being great at treating teens and young adults is only part of the equation. Seeing a trend in success and capturing results is the other. John’s “all-in” approach to work is readily seen in his data and stats that help mold Telos into who we are. As the Chief Quality Officer and Director of Research he can show the trends and data that matter most, making our best practices even better. As a practicing therapist, John sees first hand the opportunities that come from using good data to drive decisions and outcomes.

A substantial contribution to the culture and excellence of Telos, comes from the Arbinger Group, best known for their publication, Anatomy of Peace. John is not only an expert and mentor with Arbinger principles but lives them personally, providing a deep well of expertise when relating to teens and young adults.

Education:Psychology - Brigham Young University, Marriage and Family Therapy - Abilene Christian University, Certificates: Mental Research Institute, Service: NATSAP and JTSP

Clinical Expertise:Family systems, Arbinger Institute Certified

Expertise:All in when it comes to helping teens and young adults succeed


Joe Ludlow

“Joe is a kind, dependable, careful steward of all things Telos.  Those who work with him know they are well taken care of.” – staff

Joe is a driving force for good. His demeanor is calm and thrives on building relationships with students. 

Joe encourages students to be themselves — the best version of themselves. He wants his relationship with students to be one of their favorite memories from their time in treatment. In his admissions role, Joe walks parents down the emotional and sometimes frightening path of enrollment.  He is protective of the Telos culture, acting as a gatekeeper who assures students who are not the right fit are guided elsewhere.  Joe understands the overwhelming trust families place in Telos and holds that trust as sacred.

The dream Joe hopes for from his students is hearing from students months or years after they complete the program and seeing that they’re sober, attending college and/or holding down a job and thriving personally.

Experience:Joe is a long time veteran of Telos. Having worked years as residential staff he knows the program like few else.

Education:BA in Family Studies and a minor in Psychology.

Recreation Coordinator - Center St Campus

Caroline Capell

“I think it’s really cool you have taken me out to have these experiences when I may not have ever been able to do them back home. It means a lot and it’s taught me a lot about myself!” – Student


Caroline provides students with adventures that grow capabilities. She has a deep patience willingness to understand others. “My end goals with students are simple – helping them learn more about an outdoor skill than they did prior.” The hope is students will develop new passions that can erase and replace old coping behaviors that didn’t work. Caroline loves seeing students bloom in the magic of the outdoors.

Education:North Greenville University, B.S. in Outdoor Education and Leadership

Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Emma Black

“Emma’s talent is simply making me feel loved.” – Student


Emma completed her graduate internship with Family Services in Salt Lake City. Her mentor was an ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) guru who taught her how to become proficient in helping clients using ACT interventions. Emma has worked with all ages doing individual therapy as well as couple’s counseling. Her main focus is first building a therapeutic alliance prior to pushing for change. This not only contributes greatly to her satisfaction as a social worker but helps clients feel they have a safe space to heal through past and current psychological struggles. When not therapizing, Emma can be found playing with nieces and nephews or riding her Honda Fury… that is until she buys her own street bike.

Clinical Expertise:Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing

Education:Masters in Social Work, Utah Valley University

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Eric Patterson

“We truly appreciate Eric’s genuineness. He has gone above and beyond to help our family and given us invaluable tools to work through our challenges.”


Of his top strength as a therapist, Eric shares, “Building rapport and establishing relationships comes naturally to me. I find that I can form a strong connection with others quickly and I sustain it by honoring that trust when it’s given to me.” His primary goal is to help students discover and eventually embrace every facet of who they are–faults and all. In addition, his aim is to equip them with skills and strategies to be more adaptive, independent, and allow them to face life challenges with confidence.

Eric spent time in foster care as a child. He is the first in his family to graduate from college. He had graduated high school and started college before being diagnosed with ADHD.
Eric has a deep and abiding love for music, particularly rock, but says he has “zero musical talent.” He is enamored by all things pertaining to Bigfoot (having moved to Utah from Oregon–aka “Bigfoot Country”).

Regarding his passions, Eric says, “Having the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with students is the most rewarding aspect of my work. Nothing motivates me more than the prospect of forming a strong therapeutic alliance with my students, built on a foundation of trust, genuine care, and respect.”

Clinical Expertise:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based, Client-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Experiential, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy

Education:Arizona State University Degree(s) Masters of Social Work, Arizona State University Bachelors of Social Work, University of Utah

Math and Science Teacher

Tina Moore

As a powerhouse of patience and empathy Ms Moore sees it going a long way as a teacher. Tina is a geek at heart and loves science and math. Her enthusiasm carries over to the classroom where her students learn to enjoy these topics as well.

With a lifetime of experience working with learning disabilities (especially ADHD and processing disorders) Tina relates easily with students who struggle to “get it”. Math and science are not easy sometimes.

Students learn in Ms Moore’s class about the world around them through science and math. They learn to succeed in school and problem solve because they learn how. Helping students understand how to work hard and do hard things is very rewarding to her.  The greatest successes are building relationships and establishing a good rapport with the students. 

Education:Studying at Utah Valley University

Specialty:Passionate about problem solving in real life, not just math

English Literature, Technical Writing Teacher

Sarah Bringhurst

Sarah has a professional wish for her students, which is to expose students to different ways of communicating and engaging with the world. This is no small goal and coupled with her witty humor and classroom theatrical skills her subjects come to life. Sarah also has a personal wish, and that is to see students feel loved and appreciated. Finding the ways to help students open up and be heard comes with methodical and quality class time. For example, last quarter Sarah painstakingly brought Macbeth to life in her class. Students read, understood and even asked to read their favorite character’s lines out loud. Being able to express ones self can come in therapy, art and last quarter it came through Macbeth a Shakespeare classic.

Education:BS English Literature, minor in Sociology

Specialty:Passionate helping students feel love and acceptance

Certifications:Technical writing and editing

Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Kyrie Nielsen

“Kyrie took the time to actually get to know me. I didn’t feel like I was just another client. She genuinely cared about and valued me even when I didn’t value myself.” -student

Kyrie brings exciting diverse talents and industry knowledge to Telos. With over 6 years of experience, her superpower is a vibrant sense of humor combined with a foundational empathetic nature that helps even her most timid clients find comfort in change. Her professional desire is to empower students to help them recognize they are the hero of their own story. She believes that students need opportunities for growth, to master skills necessary to reach their full potential. Kyrie finds great satisfaction in seeing students find their confidence and move toward life changing goals.

Education:Bachelor of Psychology - Weber State University, Master of Social Work - Syracuse University

Passion:Change, Empathy, Humor

Clinical Expertise:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-based interventions, Trauma-Focused Approaches

Primary Therapist - Dir Senior House - Geneva Campus

Monte Criddle

“Thank you for seeing my son and being able to reach him in a way that no other therapist has been able to reach him.”   -parent

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Monte has worked with adolescents and families in clinical settings for nearly 20 years. His areas of clinical interest / expertise include parent-teen conflict, complex family dynamics, depression, anxiety, and emotional regulation, to name a few. As a therapist and director of programs, he is passionate about human connection. His work with large, multi-layered systems, helps bring people together to problem-solve and embrace change. Through family and professional experiences he has gained a love and respect for all people and the challenges that families and youth often face, in particular, issues associated with adolescence and young adulthood. Monte brings a passion for student independence and freedoms earned by responsibility.

Education:BS Family and Human Development, Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy

Passion:change, and doing it with dignity

Clinical Expertise:Complex family dynamics, depression, anxiety, human connection

Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Joshua Powner

“It’s really easy to see how much you care about what you do!” -parent

Joshua brings flexibility. Our students come with a variety of needs and the Telos system allows for flexibility and customization for student’s needs. Joshua strives to help students see their potential and guides them towards the skills and tools they need to accomplish it. Coming from a large blended family Joshua understands students who need extra support, attention and structure. Seeing them thrive, grow and succeed in a student-focused environment is exciting. He supports self-created therapy assignments and enjoys it when a student finds an internal hunger and curiosity that helps them begin to pursue the answers to their own questions. It is a powerful moment for students and families when this process begins to take hold.

Education:Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy - Colorado State University

Specialties:Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Structural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Director of Life Skills & Primary Therapist - Geneva Campus

Kylee Shields

Kylee gets me excited about (and reminds me to focus on) the important things in life. She has the gift of empathy and can easily see the potential in others. Her kind and compassionate heart makes her perfect for the career she’s chosen.”   -parent

Kylee’s enthusiastic demeanor allows her to easily relate with students. Her success as a strength-based therapist, (using experiential, cognitive behavioral, and solution focused therapy) to find resolutions and healing to the most challenging cases, is powerful. For years, she has worked closely with young people suffering from attachment, substance use, depression, anxiety, oppositional defiance and bereavement, and a myriad of other psychological difficulties.  Her passion began early on while working in youth camps and treatment settings like boarding school and wilderness therapy. The passion grew as did her experience which included a short stint on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. As a well rounded person, she finds joy in writing, running a non-profit and the outdoors.

Education:Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) - Arizona State University

Passion:Helping youth find hope in a confusing world

Clinical Expertise:Attachment, substance use, depression, anxiety, oppositional defiance, bereavement.

Education Director

Laurie Laird-Trandum

“Your love and care have been so much more than your job. You have been a part of our entire family. Our daughter is graduating!! A year ago that goal was just a prayer not an expectation. Without the love you gave, it would not have happened.”      -parent

With a tool belt filled with love and appreciation for her students and co-workers, it is easy to see why Laurie’s department thrives in nearly every way.  She brings 20 years in the industry to Telos and is kind of a big deal in the academic leadership circles. As the Education Director on the Geneva Campus, Laurie works with our students who are 18 and older, to find paths that promote launching academically. Her approach is enthusiastic and almost magical, as she helps students see a vision that takes them beyond treatment and begins building a life that is sustainable and rewarding. Laurie is quick to see the baby steps of improvement and passionately celebrates all movement forward for her students. She loves her students and it shows in her lively interactions and smiles in the hallways.

Education / Endorsements:BS in Secondary Ed (Family and Consumer Science, Endorsements in Math and Biology), Masters in Educational Counseling - University of Phoenix, Special Education Certification - University of Phoenix, License in School Administration - Southern Utah University

Passion:Building connections with students and parents. Looking at the bigger picture of success.

Lead Admissions Officer - Geneva Campus

Taylor Rogers

Taylor has been with us every step of the way and has genuinely supported our family when we needed it.

Caring for the families entering Telos comes easily for Taylor. Her kind nature is a great addition to the Admissions Team. Taylor loves meeting families for the first time and watching them learn how Telos gives hope and new life to families. She has a unique opportunity to see families before Telos and as they leave, and it inspires her to see the “growth and empowerment” the young adults gain in the program.

Education:Bachelors Behavioral Science, Psychology emphasis - Utah Valley University

Associate Academic Director

Curtis Gardner

“Curtis has spent countless effort and time in helping our son apply for college. In the end, we were delighted when our son got his acceptance letter to the Berklee School of Music! Curtis was excellent at working with our son, and helping him accomplish this important life goal!” -Parent

Student school schedules and graduation requirements are what keeps Curtis focused. He is an ardent believer in succeeding in school and paves a runway for Telos U students still finishing high school. The senior year can be tricky with many students having schooled in several locations and academies so Curtis and his staff stay vigilant. His passion for student success is evident in his zeal to help them succeed. They work behind the scenes so parents and students enjoy a normalized school experience like prom, yearbook and other traditional school activities in addition to classes.

Education:A.A. in Psychology - Eastern Arizona College, B.S. in Social Studies Education - Brigham Young University, M.Ed. in Psychology - Utah State University

Expertise:Passionate about students succeeding in school

Transports Director

Phil Neibaur

Phil is the first to say “I’m quirky and I know it” which makes being with him even more fun. His passion is unmatched at Telos when it comes to helping students. All hours of the day and night, Phil’s team is prompt to respond to the needs of those needing transportation to the airport, doctor’s office or recreation. Phil has been with Telos for over 3 years and works hard to connect with students. His ability to help them see the positive, despite hard challenges is a talent he shares to build students. Phil always has a smile on his face and looks forward to serving anyway he is needed. He is passionate about life and making a difference in kids.

Education:BS Behavioral Science/Psychology

Passion:Loves life and sharing that passion with students