Executive Director, Center St Campus

Barry Fell

“Barry is a warm and self-revealing person with whom both our son, and us are able to easily relate. His flexibility in the treatment process allows Barry to re-evaluate therapeutic approaches in order to identify and use those that will work best with our son. However, he has also not been afraid to push our son, and us out of our ‘comfort zones’. Through his insightfulness, Barry never misses an opportunity to teach ‘life lessons’ to our son regardless of where they happen to be at the time. Our son has consequently been able to progress at Telos, and advance towards the achievement of his goals that were outlined for him within the first month of his admission.” – parent

As a veteran in the mental health industry more than 20 years, his story began with his Masters in Social Work from University of Utah. Currently the Executive Director, Mentor and Visionary, he runs one of the most vibrant, caring programs in the industry. His passion for Telos is evident in his belief that everyone deserves a chance at becoming their best or as Telos says “Ultimate Potential”.

Barry has taken the Center Street Campus to new heights as students and families come to experience the hope that Telos offers teen boys and has offered to over 900 families. Each family comes with specific individual needs and hopes. In a methodical and clinically-sophisticated manner walk through the individual needs to remove the hurdles the student and family face as barriers to success. Barry maintains a mind-boggling team of experts all assembled to do one thing…support the student and his family to help them accomplish some of the most rewarding months of their lives.

Education:University of Utah, Master of Social Work

Experience:Active therapist, 20 years

Passion:Advocate for teen boys and helping them find themselves

Clinical Director - Center St Campus

Drew Davis

“Drew has been a lifeline, a guide, and a support throughout my son’s time at Telos, and while always professional, has felt like a friend celebrating successes and supporting and encouraging me through challenges. Drew is skillful at combining his knowledge and intuition to know exactly how much to encourage and how much to push my son at any given time and in any given situation. He is incredibly responsive and always listened to and considered any concerns, questions, or suggestions that I had, and as a parent, whose child is away from home, knowing that you are being fully heard and listened to is invaluable. His guidance has helped my son to make incredible progress and growth, develop essential skills, and become more aware of his own strengths and challenges, and it has also helped me grow into a better person and parent. Thank you for everything!” -Parent

As a “dyed-in-the-wool” Buckeye drew loves his roots from Ohio. His fun-loving approach to life builds deep bonds that his students thrive on. As an accomplished pianist and singer, music is one of his passions and it surfaces in his approach to life, therapy and counseling. Years ago as a brand new intern earning a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from Weber State University, Drew embarked on a therapeutic adventure with Telos that continues to this day. Soon after, earning his Masters Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University, he was ready to perform what he had practiced for so many years. Using his extensive background with youth and family treatment in residential care, outpatient treatment, public education and numerous volunteer youth organizations he was ready and passionate about helping teens find hope. With expertise in treating depression, anxiety, learning differences, processing differences and attachment disorders, as well as, EMDR certified, Drew has a deep well of experience to draw from.

Education:Masters, Social Work - Brigham Young University

Passion:Loves music and enjoys sharing with students

Admissions Director, Board Member

Kristin Williams

“As the Admissions Director, I saw Kristin as the face of Telos. Now that my son has been at Telos, I see that her love and commitment to excellence is truly representative of Telos as a whole.” – parent

Kristin Williams is a board member and packed with enthusiasm for our students. Not a day goes by that Kristin is not laughing with or “high-fiving” students on campus. Her attention to detail is what puts every mom’s heart at peace, knowing that Kristin is watching out for their child. Kristin joined Telos from the public school system of 15 years which includes being the principal at Mound Fort Middle School / Junior High. She is the former director of the Family Community Resource Center at Central Middle School, and has also worked as a counselor at Lewis Elementary School. Her passion for the mountains of Utah and being fit is a big part of Telos’ recreation therapy. Kristin believes strongly in the individualized treatment model of Telos and brings her “A-Game” everyday so that each student can feel the love of concerned friends. Her academics include Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and an Educational Administration License from Utah State University.

Education:Educational Administration License - Utah State University

Passion:Advocate for youth to find sustainable wellness and tools for success

Outreach Director, Co-Founder

Tony Hansen

“Tony teaches us that no one is too important to serve. When I see him watering the plants, mowing the grass, and attending to more menial tasks, I am reminded that Telos is more about service than position.” -staff

Tony is a California native with a big heart. His love for helping young men and their families find unity as they work toward achieving their potential, began years earlier in the struggles, relationships, and mentorship Tony experienced in his youth. This desire to serve led Tony to the world of mental health services, studying at Brigham Young University. He went on to get a Master’s Degree at the University of Utah in Educational Psychology. After five years as a therapist in both wilderness and residential settings, Tony recognized a need for a school founded on relationships and individualized treatment. From this, Telos was born. This passion to help Telos continuously improve while keeping it focused on the founding principles has served Tony, Telos, and countless families over the last 15 years.

Education:Masters, Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC, M.Ed)

Passion:Healthy living, nature and positive lifestyle

COO, Co-Founder

Tony Mosier

“Tony has the unique ability to see past surface complexities to the heart of an issue. With professionalism, kindness, expertise, and great wisdom he approaches all aspects of his work at Telos. He saved my son’s life, and the organization he helps lead has saved hundreds of others.” -parent

Tony loves working with youth. By helping them reach their personal best, he reaches his. Achieving his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University Tony immediately felt he had something to give back. Telos became a reality in 2004 because of Tony’s (and partners) vision to build a program that would be a place that heals and re-builds families by offering a clinically-advanced approach to solving mental health needs. Tony has invested his entire career of 20 years working with youth and young adults of all ages and needs. In addition, Tony oversees the operations on all campuses and all services Telos offers. This is no small task, as the program demands individualized treatment. As a practicing therapist he has built and continues to build a therapeutic rigor that is second-to-none.

When not with his students he can be found developing system programming, overseeing quality improvement, or building innovative solutions. In addition Tony has accepted the nomination to serve as the NATSAP President (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) for the next 2 years.

Education:BYU Undergraduate, USU Masters Graduate

Passion:Helping youth and young adults

Affiliations:President of NATSAP

CEO, Co-Founder

Craig LaMont

“At the last Family Days triathlon my son was the last racer out of the water. I was standing on the dock and could see him slowly swimming in. As he got closer I could see someone swimming alongside him. To my surprise, Craig LaMont was in the water with Dan encouraging and coaching him along. It struck me–this is an amazing place filled with amazing people. The CEO of the company is in a wetsuit, in a lake, personally attending to my boy. Nowhere but Telos.” -parent

Craig is passionate about life. He shares that passion with his family, friends, students and staff. Often Craig is heard in the halls of Telos humming a tune and at times singing out for all to hear.  Craig loves Telos. As a co-founder, there is nothing he won’t do to help make a student’s stay the very best experience possible. In addition his full-throttle approach to life also includes other interests like coaching youth athletics, board service, church service, community service, and outdoor sports.  Craig has founded, owned and operated a number of residential treatment centers and is known in the industry as a premier authority in consulting circles. Craig is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has worked in and studied the mental health practices since 1990. Graduate degree is a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Brigham Young University.  Craig is passionate about serving teens and families and has dedicated his professional and volunteer time to that end.

Education:Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy

Passion:A dedicated passion to build a premium option for youth that really works

Executive Function Coach

Phil Childs

“Phil is a walking billboard for the well-balanced life” -staff

An accomplished professional music artist, Phil has done about all there is to do at Telos.  A long-time veteran of the program, he has worked in every department including chef, mentor, lead supervisor, substitute teacher, transport staff, anthem advocate, and others.  A man of many interests, Phil was drawn to the assessment and coaching of executive function skills early on.  He believes that basic skills of organization, metacognition, attention, and flexibility make up the foundation of one’s ability to convert intentions into reality.  He loves seeing Telos students discover strategies that enable them to unlock hidden abilities.

Human Resources Director

Chris Rogers

“Chris brings the perfect mixture of humanity and professionalism to Telos.” -staff

A native of Oxford, England and enthusiastic about family. As a result, Chris sees the value in having a program that families can trust their children to. He is a fervent advocate of training and legal excellence. His second love besides his family is law and has built a thriving career around it. He has served with the esteemed law firm, Hepworth Murray & Associates, his practice included wholesale finance, securities, investment banking, and mortgage banking industries. Christopher is also credentialed and certified in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance to name a few.

Christopher has a softer side as well. He directs a large HR department caring for 300+ employees. He thrives on helping kids. Telos has opened opportunities that has expanded him both professionally and personally.

Academically accomplished with Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and a BS in Business Management from Brigham Young University, Marriott School of Management.

Education:BS Business Management - Brigham Young University, Juris Doctor - University of Denver

Passion:Driven for business excellence and compliance for best family experience

Medical Director

Dr James Palmer, DO

“My son came to Telos having tried nearly every therapy and medication known to man. We had tried so many interventions, the waters were muddied as to what was effective and what wasn’t. Dr. Palmer took a careful and conservative approach to understanding my son’s psychiatric needs. He worked closely with the other professionals at Telos to simplify and streamline the medicines until we had a clear picture of what was needed.” – parent

Dr James Palmer brings a substantial background in mental health for teens and young adults that Telos thrives on. His passion for helping kids is evident in his attention to detail and outcomes.  Each student brings a unique blend of hopes, fears and needs and Dr Palmer spends the needed time with each student to help stabilize and support each need.The Telos vision asserts that “diagnostic precision” is a key objective in each student’s treatment. Dr. Palmer takes a conservative stance regarding diagnoses and patiently works toward a deep and comprehensive understanding of what each student is dealing with.

Education:Medical School - Des Moines University, DO / General Psychiatry Residency - Maricopa Integrated Health System / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship - Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

Passion:Clinical excellence, diagnostic precision and understanding each student’s needs

Certifications:American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certified

Telos DEI Consultant

Dr. Sonyja Richardson

“Dr. Richardson has helped us have eyes to see our organization through the lens of equity. She has made a good program better.”


Dr. Richardson is Founder and Director of the Mental Health Research and Practice Lab which is housed in the Urban Education Collaborative in the College of Education. This research lab partners with community leaders, thought leaders, and researchers across the country to develop cutting-edge innovative solutions for addressing mental health disparities and mental health needs for diverse populations. Additionally, Dr. Richardson was appointed as Interim Director of the Race and Social Equity Academy (RASE). This academy fosters the scholarship of practice and research focused on advancing racial and social parities within the community. Along with empirical scholarship, race dialogue will be supported through intellectual discourse, bringing together thought leaders in our community representing a variety of perspectives on race and social equity matters.

Recently, Dr. Richardson was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to serve on the Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force. In this role serves on the Education Subcommittee and offers recommendations to the Governor’s Office for addressing needs of diverse residents and communities in the state. She previously served a three-year term with the National Institutes of Mental Health, Adult Mental Health Interventions Subcommittee as a Public Reviewer. In addition to teaching, Dr. Richardson is the Owner of Another Level Counseling and Consultation located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Richardson currently serves as a Delegate for the National Association of Social Workers North Carolina Chapter and was appointed by the National President to the Private Practice Specialty Subcommittee to provide expertise and guidance to private practitioners nationally.

Education: PhD, MSW, LCSW. Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She possesses a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Urban Education specialization at UNC Charlotte, a Master's degree in Social Work (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of North Carolina Charlotte).

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Heath Bigelow

“Heath Bigelow is one of the good ones.  He truly cares about his students and it shows in every interaction.”  -team member

Heath’s biggest strength is his relatability. He excels at forming relationships and strives to be appropriately invested in the lives of his students.  As an instructor, his end goal is to help students feel like knowledge is worth the time it takes to gain it.  Heath has a special ability to reach the “difficult to engage” student.  We are lucky to have Heath on our team of all-star academic professionals.

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Jennifer Lowery

Some weeks my child felt Jennifer was their only friend.  I appreciate her for helping us see new ways to get through tough times and helping my child get back to living their life with friends, school and feeling good about themselves.  -parent

Jennifer is a warm, good natured individual who loves working with youth and teens. Her passion is grounded in the family unit and helping each student and family along their healing journey. It is rewarding to Jennifer to see students and their family grow together, learn new skills and become better communicators, which in-turn, helps them be a happier family. Many families have found Jennifer to be the support they have been looking for.

Education:Bachelors of Social Work - Brigham Young University, Masters Social Work - Utah Valley University

Clinical Expertise / Modalities:Trauma focused CBT, Solution focused therapy, DBT, Family Systems

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Parker Hudson

I have a special place in my heart for Parker. We did some powerful work together and I’ll always be grateful. – student

Parker has a gift for building inspiring interpersonal relationships with youth. After teaching high school and seeing the unique challenges teens face, he became a mental health therapist to better understand their social and emotional needs. He has a passion for helping parents and teens rebuild foundations of trust. Parker believes that having a clear vision for the future helps youth discover and develop their gifts. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, playing soccer and basketball, or listening to audiobooks and music.

Education:B.S. Exercise Science (BYU), M.Ed. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (University of Utah), ACMHC

Clinical Expertise / Modalities:CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, ACT, EFT, RTT

Campus Supervisor - Center St Campus

Lyndsie Thompson

“Thank you for always being there for not only my boy, but all of the boys. You are their biggest cheerleader and they adore you.” – parent

Lyndsie began her journey in her youth having family members helped through treatment. Her passion and zeal for helping others grew out of that experience. Lyndsie is a veteran in the mental health industry and brings several years in residential care.  She is quick to laugh and share her high-energy approach to life and leadership. A defining point in her career at Telos is realizing she is the “mission statement” of  “helping others move towards their ultimate potential”. As this resonates through Telos it creates an environment of healing, and she remarks “that is priceless”. Lyndsie finds this work highly rewarding especially as students find their capabilities expanded, that helps them succeed.

Specialty:Loves changing lives of young people

Education:Associates - Dixie State, Finishing Masters LCSW - Utah Valley University

Director of Nursing

Michael Shomaker

“Thank you so much for all of the kindness you’ve shown to our son and family.  We will miss you.  You are what makes Telos special.  Thank you for everything!” -parent

The nursing team has one goal, to keep track of all the boys, make sure they are healthy, meds on time, sunscreen and safety first!  Whew, you might say they “think like moms.” In Michael’s case, he thinks like a mom, dad, medical practitioner, and mental health advocate rolled into one.  Prior to Telos Michael spent 15 years as a pediatric psychiatric nurse for the State of Utah.  He has also been a professional chef and understands that “food is medicine.”  Michael is at his best with those who are struggling with their worst.  Unendingly patient, he takes pride in running an organized department that assures safety while contributing to the heartfelt nurturance of the program.


Passion:Watching people I care for make good choices

Primary Therapist, Director Research, Chief Quality Officer

John Hall

“John Hall far exceeds our expectations and stands head and shoulders above the many in his profession that we have worked with. John quickly gained our son’s respect, which was in itself, amazing. John’s ability to relate to our son has been one of the major keys to our son’s success.” – parent

Being great at treating teens and young adults is only part of the equation. Seeing a trend in success and capturing results is the other. John’s “all-in” approach to work is readily seen in his data and stats that help mold Telos into who we are. As the Chief Quality Officer and Director of Research he can show the trends and data that matter most, making our best practices even better. As a practicing therapist, John sees first hand the opportunities that come from using good data to drive decisions and outcomes.

A substantial contribution to the culture and excellence of Telos, comes from the Arbinger Group, best known for their publication, Anatomy of Peace. John is not only an expert and mentor with Arbinger principles but lives them personally, providing a deep well of expertise when relating to teens and young adults.

Education:Psychology - Brigham Young University, Marriage and Family Therapy - Abilene Christian University, Certificates: Mental Research Institute, Service: NATSAP and JTSP

Clinical Expertise:Family systems, Arbinger Institute Certified

Expertise:All in when it comes to helping teens and young adults succeed

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Nathan Sellers

“Nathan is warm and friendly. He helped us to stay on track during sessions and is there for us if we need him. Our sessions always had an agenda and we always knew what to expect for the following week. I believe Nathan has helped me learn how to be a better listener and communicator with our son (and all those I am surrounded by daily). I have become a better parent to my two girls at home. I see Telos and Nathan as being a life changing force for both our son and our entire family.” -parent

Nathan has been with Telos for more than a decade.  His passion is working with young people and helping them find peace, direction, and meaning in their lives.  Academically Nathan graduated from Brigham Young University with both a Psychology undergrad and Masters in Social Work. He approaches therapy with genuine mindset that feeling cared for is required before someone is motivated to change. Willingness to change comes differently to everyone, yet when ready, it takes experience to softly find the path that works best individually. Nathan employs a relational, straight forward and logical approach to the work he does.  Modalities include CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems, DBT, and ERP. Primarily, the focus is to uncover what approach is going to work best for each student given their personality and presenting challenges. The clinical team that Nathan directs are all equally motivated and skilled to succeed. What sets the Telos Academy – Clinical Team apart is a universal desire and goal to build relationships first and really see the person, the real person who needs support, love and time to heal.

Nathan leads by example with kindness, healthy habits and active lifestyle and encourages his team and students to do the same. At least twice per year, he competes in triathlons, side-by-side with Telos students.

Education:Psychology, Brigham Young University, Masters Social Work, Brigham Young University

Specialty:Passionate about helping young people find answers and peace

Clinical Expertise:CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems, DBT, and ERP

Academic Advisor - Center St Campus

Kelley Kessen

Kelley is highly relational and connects well with all.  Her positive outlook is contagious and her smile warms all situations.  She is exceptionally organized, is a systems thinker, and has great follow-through.  Her heart is in the game 100% of the time.  I love and appreciate working with Kelley on a daily basis and I appreciate all she brings to our families, students, and our team as a whole.  Thank you, Kelley, for choosing Telos – you are a gift to us. -team member

Education:Brigham Young University, BS in Psychology

Clinical Director, Residential Care - Center St Campus

Brian McElligott

Brian is the only therapist who has ever been able to reach our son and achieve real progress with him. When one approach quit working, he’d go back to the drawing board and build a creative new approach. Eventually, building the trust with our son that no one else had was a big leap forward.  -parent

Brian is well versed in mental health for teens and young adults, with over 20 years in the industry. His pleasant demeanor and ability to connect quickly opens doors. Brian’s background is robust, including helping teens and families who face attachment issues. Helping students trust and connect with their inherent worth is very rewarding. Brian loves to see families face difficult issues and learn to implement deep meaningful change in their lives.

Clinical Expertise:Narrative, CBT, Structural Family Therapy, Sandtray Therapy

Education:Bachelors Business Mgt - Utah Valley University, Masters Marriage and Family Therapy - Amridge University

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Alexis Valdez

Alexis has worn many different Telos hats.  She started as a residential mentor carrying out treatment plan interventions with students outside of formal therapy sessions.  Eventually she joined the Human Resources team and dedicated her talents to training high level staff to better serve the needs of the students.  After receiving her advanced degree Alexis treated a variety of issues (specializing in substance use, anxiety, and depression) in an outpatient setting before joining Telos as a primary therapist.  Alexis’s training suits her for viewing treatment through a deeply systemic lens, enabling her to create family-level change that supports students long after they transition home.  Alexis is a powerhouse of energy.  Her relationships with her students are full of life and warmth, inviting powerful change. Alexis uses the principle, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Clinical Expertise:Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, Structural Therapy, Family Systems

Education:Bachelors of Psychology - Brigham Young University; Masters, Marriage and Family Therapy MFT - Utah Valley University

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Brady Clegg

A veteran of Telos for 5 years and serving students now as a Primary Therapist. A key to the ongoing success is his passion around connecting. This includes a less traditional, social connection with activities and even athletics like a triathlon now and then. Biking and running with students is a fun connection for Brady. Success in Brady’s mind is empowering students with a strong sense of worth and self-determination. This means students leave Telos with the ability and tools to be sustainable and love the path they are working for. Brady is patient, caring and willing to work with students on their level and always aiming to give that extra push to help students succeed. Modalities are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic.

Clinical Expertise:ACT, CBT, Psychodynamic

Education:Bachelors Behavioral Science, Master Social Work - University of Utah

Fine Arts Teacher - Telos Academy

Makiah Barnhart

“I’m glad I have your class because I actually like art now. I used to hate it.” -Student


Makiah sees beauty everywhere. She is passionate about helping students develop an eye for beauty and loves nurturing creativity they didn’t know they possessed. “My end goal is always to instill an appreciation for art and to build creative confidence in my students.” Makiah sees art as a powerful therapeutic outlet and strives to help Telos students explore and resolve emotional issues through artistic expression.

Education:BYU - Idaho Bachelor's in Art Education

Primary Therapist - Center St Campus

Jessica Tanner

“Jessica was a perfect match for my rebellious teenager.  Her warmth, compassion and love of my child was evident. We are eternally grateful for her involvement in our family’s life.” -parent


Jessica is an expert at grief and loss, crisis management. Her open, direct approach to therapy is both positive and healing. With 12 years in the industry her authentic style is a boost to her students who feel safe and supported by her almost immediately. Jessica’s end-goal and passion is to get students living productive healthy lives and who are engaged with family and surrounding community.

Clinical Expertise:Grief and Loss Specialities

Education:Bachelors Social Work - ISU, Masters Social Work - Eastern Washington University

Primary Therapist - Center Street Campus

Jackson Houmand

Jackson is just someone who wants to be there for you. He will meet you at your level, help build you up, and show you how deeply he cares. – student

Jackson at Telos for years as a direct care staff before obtaining his graduate degree and taking on a clinical role as a primary therapist. He has a passion for building relationships and advocating for students to own their progress throughout their journey. Jackson approaches relationship-building through incorporating his own hobbies and passions like music and sports. He strives to make each student the “captain of their own ship,” with the therapist there providing guidance and direction. As his empowering approach is carried out students steadily grow in confidence and skill.  A student of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Jackson believes in helping students own their solutions.

Clinical Expertise:ACT, CBT, Mind-Body-Bridging, Mindfulness

Education:Bachelors: BYU, Masters of Social Work: University of Utah

Primary Therapist - Telos Academy

Ky Cox

Ky has a gifted way of being. His ability to hang in there without allowing ego to get in the way is exemplary. He has been able to connect with my son in ways that no one else has been able to. Ky was our go-to if anything happened in the family and showed up for us in ways that saved us. We’re forever grateful for him.” -parent

Coming in as a therapist at Telos, Ky has plenty of experience working with different client demographics, but he is especially drawn to adolescents and does his best work helping them reach their ultimate potential. He has a deep passion for helping those around him and has the gift of helping others regain confidence. Ky is patient, kind, and willing to adapt to those he works with in order to provide the best possible care. He has a passion for relationships, being active, experiencing different cultures, and helping adolescents navigate to their genuine selves. Ky will always encourage others along these lines to be the best they can.

Clinical Expertise:CBT, DBT, Structural Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Family Therapy 

Education:Masters of Social Work, Brigham Young University

Math Teacher

Raenn Hansen

“If you just try and do your part, Ms Hansen will make up for the rest, and you will succeed.” -student

With over 30 Years in the industry Raenn has taught math at many educational levels including elementary education, high school and college. Each of her students know that she cares for them and they learn to depend on it. 

The power of one. This is evidenced everyday in Ms Hansens classroom.  She remarked, “I want the boys to learn math, of course, but even more I want them to know they can be everything they want to be. These boys just need someone to believe in them.”

Succeeding in school is not common among students until they come to Telos and meet teachers at Telos High like Ms Hansen who often have a full room during flex, not that they want more math but they know they are appreciated and loved.  

Education:Bachelors, Art Education-Brigham Young University

Specialty:Passionate about sharing love and confidence with struggling teens

Executive Function Administrator

Vicky Leah

Vicky is the “calm” in the storm. She loves working with students who have needs, including behavioral problems, processing, deaf, blind and has seen the life changing growth students achieve. A British born native and Executive Function whisperer for students needing assistance. A veteran of 10 years with Telos, she feels most rewarded when seeing students take the road toward growth and succeeding at it. Her super power is building relationships with others, coming up with creative ways to help individuals learn in ways that work best for them. Her end goal is for students to feel confident in what they do. Knowing that they really can do something they previously thought was impossible or too hard for them, and them learning that they are capable and can achieve whatever they put their mind to…and when it happens, it’s amazing!

Education:Studied at Utah State University, Special Ed

Specialty:Passionate about teens seeing the best in themselves

Therapist, Director Telos Aftercare Service

Larry Smith

“Larry Smith is caring, thoughtful and creative. He has made a huge impact on Ryan. Beyond our son, the entire family has grown from Larry’s willingness to offer a tremendous amount of time with each member. He is consistent and steadfast in his values. Ryan sees this and has started to adopt those same principles of happiness into his own life. We are deeply indebted to Larry.” -parent

Larry is described by many as the “Dad of Telos.” This honorary title fits well because years ago as a volunteer leader and counselor, Larry worked with youth and families for decades to strengthen relationships, improve communications, and overcome problems like depression, anxiety, substance use and addiction. These skills and wisdom are invaluable, even “dad like” for our students today. Larry has a strong desire to help kids succeed at life’s challenges and through Telos achieve their ultimate potential. As a couples communications instructor and family life educator, Larry continues to provide training and instruction to families and students through the Telos Aftercare Services (TAS). Larry and his team are a vital connection to Telos after discharge, providing the foundation and training essentials to maintain a successful transition to home or school. Larry’s team receives high-praise for their tireless commitment to our students. TAS is offered to students through the Academy program.

Education:CMHC, NCC, CCI

Passion:100% Committed to helping teens and young adults succeed

Academic Director

Kevin Kuykendall

“Kevin has a vision of academic excellence for the high school that surpasses what we have seen anywhere else. He has created a special setting of perfectly balanced support and challenge. My son is the happiest and hardest working he has ever been.” -parent

A Seattle, Washington native with a zest for life and family. It doesn’t take long being with Kevin before you realize he believes in what he does and brings a spice that students gravitate to. He instills confidence in Telos because he has seen first hand the successes that come to family and students. Kevin endorses the treatment plan in all the schooling aspects which is what makes the therapeutic integration with the high school experience, so successful. Kevin is passionate about the Titans. He can always be found in the school hallways laughing and mentoring students. With over 20 years in the public school system and now with Telos, the Titans have experienced structure, recognition, championships and the 1A school classification under Kevin’s leadership. Telos maintains 10 varsity sports and the students thrive because of it. He loves working with families and has not only done so at Telos but also as a former junior high principal and hearing officer. Academically accomplished, BS in Spanish Teaching, Minor in Coaching. Masters, Educational Administration, University of Utah.  He is living the dream!

Education:BS Spanish Teaching, Masters, Educational Administration - University of Utah

Passion:Loves opening educational doors for students

Licenses /Endorsements :Special Education, Coaching and ESL

Lead Academic Advisor

Austin Stevenson

Austin is passionate about football coaching and there is one thing he brings from the gridiron to the classroom is teamwork. He is all-in when it comes to mentoring students and helping them find ways to excel in the classroom where often before Telos they did not. Austin’s overarching goal is to help encourage and create well rounded students who can fulfill their personal and academic goals. He does this by building strong healthy relationships that allow for genuine dialogue and healthy expectations for personal growth.

Education:BS Behavioral Science, emphasis Psychology - Utah Valley University

Mindfulness, History, Film Teacher

Haven Gross

Haven has in worked almost every part of the mental health industry, including wilderness, respite care, running support groups and teaching. Unique to her resume are 33 years teaching Civics, Mindfulness, World History, Film and more. She is a powerhouse for learning and like all our teachers lay out the curriculum so students can absorb and process it. Haven is passionate about students learning the difference of whether they are part of the solution or part of the problem of what is happening around them. What make Haven unique is her experience with residential care, both as a parent and a teacher. She recalls that putting her child into care was one of the greatest learning curves she has experienced. She is always willing to share with a parent her story.

Education:BA Human Development / Social Work, Certified Holistic Health teacher

Expertise:Building students and helping them see self improvement

Passion:Seeing students learning and utilizing the tools taught and gaining self awareness


Karl Jensen

“Karl is a treasure. He teaches me more in one afternoon fishing than a hundred therapy sessions in an office. Karl has helped me see my life in a new way. It’s like the best therapy, but you don’t know you’re in therapy.” -Student

Karl is a legend in the Recreation Therapy world. He has over four decades of experience in the profession and has helped save thousands of children. Karl has a unique gift – an ability to understand and validate a youngster’s pain while introducing them to a better way of living through experiential learning. Karl loves all things outdoors and Native American culture. His four decades of service speak to a life of dedication to children and making a difference in their lives.

Passion:Loves all things from Native American culture and helping youth

Admissions Officer - Center St Campus

Abi Scoma

“Abi builds amazing relationships with the students she works with. She has limitless energy and  gives 110% to everything she does”

Abi thrives on the mission of Telos. Helping children with mental health needs comes easily. She has seen first-hand the miracles that happen when youth are given the opportunity to succeed in a safe place. Before full time admissions, Abi worked part-time with Telos, as-well-as a mentor in wilderness therapy and a river-guide in the Grand Canyon. Now her passion is being realized full time at Telos as an Admissions Officer, and loving it. Her greatest desire is to see students understand their real worth and the joy, respect and love that comes from that knowledge. Abi is the youngest in a large family and most of her siblings are in the mental health profession at some level. Since her earliest memories, she has been raised with the passion of mental health and it shows in her energy and love for the families she serves.

Education:Bachelors, Behavioral Science - Family Studies - Utah Valley University

Passion:Finding the "gold" in our students.

Admissions Officer - Center St Campus

Andrea Carroll

“Andrea was my Utah mom, she helped me get through Telos. Having her encourage me nearly every day was what kept me together when I wasn’t sure I could do it.”  -student

There is nothing more important to Andrea than “her students”. She is the “Utah Mom” to many who need that extra support and help. Her passion for the mission of Telos is evident as she walks the halls of Telos interacting with students. She has a son who struggles with mental health needs and knows first-hand how scary it is for parents and students who don’t know what to expect next. Andrea loves the trust families place in her to help them find their way. As an Admissions Officer she takes this trust seriously and strives to go the extra mile. She loves seeing kids and families thrive and grow at Telos. It is particularly rewarding for her to play a part in helping them discover their new life.


Passion:Empowering families who need help navigating the mental health path.

English Teacher

Irene Bolter

“Irene’s teaching method is unique and enjoyable. She is constantly happy and accommodating. She teaches us as if we are her own kids, truly striving to make us the best we can possibly be.” -Student

Irene began her pursuit of teaching in college and quickly finished with a Bachelors in English from Brigham Young University. Not ready to be done, she persisted more and received her English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement from Weber State. Teaching junior high English for six years for Ogden City School District sparked her passion for helping children in need and eventually accepted a role at Telos. Our students are not all as excited about English as Irene but they love her kind approach and low stress classroom.

Education:BA English-Weber State University

Expertise:Loves helping teens and young adults succeed

Associate Academic Director

Curtis Gardner

“Curtis has spent countless effort and time in helping our son apply for college. In the end, we were delighted when our son got his acceptance letter to the Berklee School of Music! Curtis was excellent at working with our son, and helping him accomplish this important life goal!” -Parent

Student school schedules and graduation requirements are what keeps Curtis focused. He is an ardent believer in succeeding in school and paves a runway for Telos U students still finishing high school. The senior year can be tricky with many students having schooled in several locations and academies so Curtis and his staff stay vigilant. His passion for student success is evident in his zeal to help them succeed. They work behind the scenes so parents and students enjoy a normalized school experience like prom, yearbook and other traditional school activities in addition to classes.

Education:A.A. in Psychology - Eastern Arizona College, B.S. in Social Studies Education - Brigham Young University, M.Ed. in Psychology - Utah State University

Expertise:Passionate about students succeeding in school

Licensed Substance Use Counselor - Center St Campus

Richi Biren

Recovery specialists can really only be great if they have walked-the-walk.  As a 32 year veteran in his personal recovery process, Richi is making a difference at Telos. Richi grew up in New York and raised his family in California before moving to Utah. He started off in this industry by volunteering with at-risk youth for years and then sold his business and went back to school for his Substance Use Counselor License to work full-time in recovery treatment. Now a 16 year professional, Richi finds great satisfaction in seeing the hope that begins to enter as teens and young adults learn the recovery process. As a parent of a child that has gone through substance use treatment, Richi acknowledges the difficulty a parent experiences through this process. He also cheerfully acknowledges the joy of seeing a child healed and wants to give as many children and youth that opportunity.

Education:License Substance Use Counselor

Recreation Therapy - Center St Campus

Rachel McCuistion

“Rachel – You are amazing! You have been a guardian angel towards our son. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are such a big part of our son’s time at Telos. Thank you for always being there for him. As a mom that makes my heart happy.”   -parent

Walking-the-walk, Rachel is a beacon of achieving her “ultimate potential”.  She came to Telos 3 years ago and in that time has completed 16 triathlons! Anything she asks the students to do, she is in there with them. She strives to help students find healthy hobbies and activities they can be passionate about. Rachel thrives on seeing her students develop passion for the activities and recreation at Telos. One of the favorite things she loves to see is when students begin a sport or activity with a high level of anxiousness, to then arrive at being “all in” and asking about all the ins and outs so they can do it once they get home. Rachel’s gentle approach to mentoring and guiding endears her students to her and is one of the “best-of-the-best” role models to follow. (PS Her last name is pronounced like “McHouston” like the city in Texas).

Education:Bachelors, Therapeutic Recreation and Management (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists - CTRS)

Expertise:Passionate about using recreation to enhance therapeutic growth

Transports Director

Phil Neibaur

Phil is the first to say “I’m quirky and I know it” which makes being with him even more fun. His passion is unmatched at Telos when it comes to helping students. All hours of the day and night, Phil’s team is prompt to respond to the needs of those needing transportation to the airport, doctor’s office or recreation. Phil has been with Telos for over 3 years and works hard to connect with students. His ability to help them see the positive, despite hard challenges is a talent he shares to build students. Phil always has a smile on his face and looks forward to serving anyway he is needed. He is passionate about life and making a difference in kids.

Education:BS Behavioral Science/Psychology

Passion:Loves life and sharing that passion with students

Anthem Program Director

Aaron Johnson

“Aaron was quickly able to navigate the challenges of connecting with a 17 year old. He was able to inspire and lead our son through the life changing decisions and corrective actions that helped move him forward into young adulthood. Aaron was also very quick to develop therapeutic relationships with myself & husband in order to direct our attention to making the positive changes necessary within ourselves to best reconnect our family.” – Parent

When it comes to commitment, Aaron is all in for teens. His career has been focused on helping families navigate difficult paths. With a Masters of Social Work and emphasis in the practice of narrative therapy from Portland State University, Aaron has built a career of caring and it shows in his student’s outcomes. Connections come easily for him including deep, life-long bonds with families. Aaron’s kind demeanor helps start the relationship and his love for struggling teens, influences them even after leaving Telos. Working with teens in residential treatment programs and ensuring child safety and family growth, with the state of Utah, began his path and career decisions. Experience helping teens with sexual behavioral problems through therapeutic wilderness treatment helped shape his primary areas of interest, including families of adoption and process addictions (pornography, video games and gambling). Aaron believes in a student’s ability to succeed and find real answers and is a powerful advocate for troubled teens.

Education:LCSW, MSW - Portland State University

Specialty:Passionate around families of adoption, process addictions such as gambling, pornography and video games