In the residential treatment industry each program works with a certain student profile. This is a huge factor. If you know what they offer you can better identify the right fit.

Here are some questions, Barry Fell – Telos Executive Director  and Author, Consequential Choices suggests you ask each program you talk to:

1. What is your mission (philosophy) around change?

2. How do you know your program works?

3. Who do you serve? Not serve? (student profile)

4. What research based methods are being used in treatment?

5. Can you give me an idea how you would treat my child’s specific problems?

6. How do you keep my child emotionally and physically safe?

7. How do all caregivers stay on the same page with my child’s treatment? (Consistency)

8. How will my child’s treatment be individualized?

9. How much turnover with direct care staff?

10. Can I visualize my child in this program?