The Vineyard Difference

Vineyard Primary Care and Assessment provides a safe and supportive residential environment tailored specifically for adolescent males aged 14 to 17 in need of short-term mental health intervention. Vineyard offers semi-secure accommodations while strongly emphasizing diagnostic precision and assessment.


Ages: 14-18
Gender: Male
School: High School
Supervision: High-Medium
Support: High-Medium

We aim to conduct thorough and precise assessments to identify each adolescent participant’s unique mental health needs. This process ensures tailored aftercare services can be designed for continued growth after Vineyard.

Our short-term program (30-90 days) addresses immediate mental health concerns and provides the tools necessary for continued progress.

We provide a secure and nurturing environment where adolescents can explore their emotions and challenges in a safe setting. Our staff is trained to offer continuous support throughout their stay.

Beyond diagnosis and assessment, we promote holistic well-being by offering therapeutic interventions, educational support, and life skills training.

Our program also prioritizes transition planning, helping adolescents and their families prepare for the next steps in their mental health care journey, whether that involves outpatient therapy, educational reintegration, or further specialized treatment.

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