Considering a Job at Telos

Your work at Telos is not just a job, it is a mission. This is changing people’s lives and helping them achieve great things. Your contribution is vital and it takes hard work and grit. Below are core things to consider:

  • Looking to love what you do

  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Willing to mentor and teach principles

  • Pass strict background check

  • Hard worker and able to give, give and give more

  • Kind, loving and willing

The mission of Telos is to create inspiring, interpersonal relationships that invite and assist all people to move toward their ultimate potential

  1. Telos Way of Being
  2. Relationship-Based Treatment
  3. Individualized Treatment
  4. The Effective Parent
  5. The Effective Teacher
  6. The Processing Approach
  7. Evidence-Based Treatment
  8. The Value of the Team
  9. Customer Service
  10. Healthy Living
This is a phrase you will hear often around Telos. If you are not a parent at this point you will rely on how you grew up. Here are some key things a mom would think or act like:

  • Look for danger before it happens
  • Help kids see the positive in things
  • Be the first to jump in to get tasks done
  • Don’t be bossy, be kind
  • Lead by example
  • No secrets with students
  • No arguing with students
  • Be the adult in the room
  • Know “authoritative” vs “authoritarian”
  • Protect students from bad influences
  • Insist on good language
  • Insist on a higher way of life
  • Be kind, loving, generous, thoughtful


YES. You will be required to pass a strict background check.

NO. Our facility is not a “lock-down” facility. Our students are kinder and softer on the whole and locks are replaced with staff, called “staff-secure”.

The staff are the glue that hold our campus together. The Activities are often done in a team or group setting for the younger campus and more individual or smaller groups on the older campus. Because there is much to do, staff need to be organized and on top of all the moving parts. Activities off-campus are plentiful and fun to attend. Activities include things like biking, swimming, hikes, snowboarding, skateboarding, parks, trails, camping and much more. Each day follows a strict routine but is very rewarding as you get used to it.

YES. You are highly responsible for our students. If they get unsettled and do something they should not, then you need to “think like a mom” and help them reason it out. Once this is handled you will be responsible for charting (recording) the problem for other staff who may be coming on-shift after you as well as the treatment team and leadership.

Telos is not for everyone.  THIS IS IMPORTANT…If you struggle with severe mental health needs, this is not the role for you. If you do not have a heart-at-peace then this is not a role for you. If you anger quickly or struggle with severe anxiety, this is not a role for you. If you don’t have patience for others, this is not a role for you.

If you want to make a difference for amazing students and feel you have the capacity to care and appreciate them, this may be a job for you.