Technology use is minimal while at Telos.  Often, this becomes a distraction from treatment.  However, we recognize the need for students to reintegrate and be able to have a healthier relationship with technology.  While at Telos, they will have access to computers in school (with monitored and filtered internet access). Additionally, students can apply for a music protocol to have an mp3 player with Telos approved music.  This will be a chance for them to use music as a healthy coping skills. It will also be a chance to help them learn to not avoid with music. There are specific times that they are use this.

Also, we begin incorporating other technology (phones) during local visits and home passes with parents.  We will discuss therapeutic goals and interventions and then follow up how well he does with managing the boundaries.

**Students who are at Geneva Campus are offered technology when they have proven their ability to safely use it.