If you are a working parent living with a teenager displaying behavioral health issues such as severe depression, anxiety, self-harming, etc., you face ongoing challenges and worry that your child is safe. Treatment for these conditions can also be difficult to find, which means you might have tried multiple treatment options, but nothing has worked.

If you are now considering residential treatment school options to help your child overcome mental and behavioral health challenges, you want to feel confident your teen is enrolled in the best boarding school for troubled teens. Here, we share common reasons why parents like yourself choose this option and explain why Telos is your best solution.

Reasons Parents Consider a Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents consider a therapeutic boarding school when their teen can no longer be managed in their home setting. It’s scary not knowing how to manage certain behaviors such as drug and alcohol use and living with fears that your teen’s increasingly risky behavior is putting them and your family at risk.

You might also live in dread your child is contemplating suicide and are desperate to help find interventions to protect them. Whether the situation is out of control, you can’t find local interventions and systems, or treatment simply hasn’t worked, a boarding school for troubled teens could provide the relief you need when you can no longer cope.

Why Choose Telos for Your Troubled Teen?

Telos is the Greek term for reaching someone’s “Ultimate Potential.” We chose the name Telos as we believe the Ten Pillars of Telos provide the unwavering support we offer our students and their families. We help your child achieve their ultimate potential by striving to recognize and honor each person’s humanity in all circumstances.

This allows us to provide individualized treatment without restrictions that can interfere with the therapeutic good of a single student. We also believe in your role as a parent to help bring about powerful change in hand with effective teaching that shows students what to do and how to do it.

We only use Evidence-Based Treatment to see positive outcomes. We work as a team to leverage the relevant experience that will assist your child and provide the healthiest program for their needs. Every person involved is treated with the utmost respect, and healthy living is encouraged as part of our holistic approach to promoting health in all its dimensions.

What Does Telos Offer Troubled Teens?

We offer several options, including:

Telos Academy

Telos Academy caters to bright students who fail to thrive in traditional academic settings whether it is due to learning differences or emotional challenges. Our teachers are licensed and credentialed in specific content areas as opposed to being generalists. As a result, students get their studies back on track and receive mentorship to apply to their preferred post-secondary schools.

Carter House

Carter House is a small program with an individualized length of stay for adolescent boys in danger of sabotaging their treatment for substance use.


Vineyard Primary Care and Assessment provides a safe and supportive residential environment tailored specifically for adolescent males aged 14 to 17. Students requiring short-term mental health intervention stay in a semi-secure boarding school with just 16 beds, ensuring each student receives the clinical attention they deserve.


Geneva caters exclusively to adolescent boys aged 14 to 17 who have faced challenges in other treatment settings and need a more structured, secure, and supportive environment to foster healing.

What Sets Telos Apart from Other Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens?

We are members of Choose Mental Health, a life-changing network of programs that empower families to experience meaningful change that helps restore their family system. Members are committed to a higher level of clinical standards that we adhere to in everything we do. Our team puts countless hours, along with their hearts and souls, into the program with a commitment to help every student and their families heal. We cherish the process and are real people who work hard to help kids find their way. We:

  • Set clear and consistent boundaries to help shape positive behavior and reduce confusion and anxiety.
  • Establish daily routines to help stabilize student lives to create a sense of order and help break negative behavioral patterns.
  • Provide structured group therapy and activities so teens interact with peers experiencing similar challenges and learn from one another, gaining valuable insights into different perspectives.
  • Maintain emotional regulation by intervening when emotions run high and help teach students how to manage their emotions constructively.

Our goal is to build a foundation that students can stand on for the rest of their lives.

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